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Bule-Pembantu debate moves into mainstream media

The posting that sparked fierce and passionate debate on how some Western men seem to go for plebian and slutty-looking Asian girlfriends in this and several blogs has gone mainstream with the Jakarta Post carrying Thang Nguyen’s article in its … Continue reading

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Aussies eschew cleric’s “women-are-meat” statement

The big issue when Unspun was Down Under last week was the controversy stirred up by Australia’s top Muslim cleric Sheikh Taj el-Din-al-Hilali who said in a sermon that women who did not wear the jilbab attracted sexual assault. His … Continue reading

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Perth reflections

Unspun managed to hightail it off to Perth for the Idul Fitri break. The last time Unspun was there was four or five years ago. Perth is still a small, cozy city but there is a new buss to it. … Continue reading

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Crying in the wind

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad issued this statement on 27 October 2006 because he was afraid his words woudl be spun by his successor Badawi’s “hatchetmen.” From what I know of Malaysian politics – the repression and the paranoid … Continue reading

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Monte spins again!

You got to love the man’s chutzpah. Waiting to pounce on me in my mailbox as Unspun returned from the Idul Fitri break was an e-mail from the irrepresible Monte Monfore. Monte, as readers of this blog will know through … Continue reading

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P. Ramlee and the NEP

P. Ramlee might point out that a lot of people might want to portray the article below as a racial issue but it is not. really. It’s about one superclass of people, who happen to be Malays and recipients of … Continue reading

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P. Ramlee and the Comfortable Malay Elite

What would P. Ramlee think about this article headlined A Comfortable Malay Elite, written by Philip Bowring in the International Herald Tribune today? HONG KONG Malaysia’s image as an exemplary pluralist Muslim nation is looking increasingly suspect. For Muslims, especially, … Continue reading

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Chutzpah and the Bali swimmer

You got to hand it to Monte M. He has some lessons to teach large corporations in the art of Spinning, that is: chutzpah will get you far in a world where people are willing to trust anyone who says … Continue reading

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P. Ramlee and the Malaysian Malay

Was in Singapore the past two days and between bouts of client-related wor, zoned out on a bit of TV. The hotel has a Malay channel and they were showing an old P. Ramlee movie. I love those P. Ramlee … Continue reading

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The Browning of Singapura

In the Lion City for some business and guess what? The businessmen and professionals here are all talking about Hossan leong, aka Mr Brown’s video We live in Singapura. on Youtube. Its actually quaite funny and you don’t get Singaporeans … Continue reading

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