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Polygamy haven

Indonesia is so liberal and the Press is so free, all sorts of weirdos exist and thrive. Unspun thinks this is fantastic in the spirit of letting a hundred flowers bloom etc… One of Unspun‘s sources, let’s call her S, … Continue reading

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More on The Point’s launch

Unspun searched high and low and came up with a source who had attended The Point’s launch party yesterday. This is the source’s account: “The blades those dancers used scared me off. Message might be clear, but I think it’s … Continue reading

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When the weird becomes the mundane

Indonesia is one of those placs where often the weird becomes the mundane. Take, for instance, squatters living under turnpikes. For authorities to cose an eye and allow people to live under turnpikes is a weird concept, for officials to … Continue reading

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The Point declares war on The Post?

Unspun was, unfortunately catching a flight on Air Asia from Denpasar to Jakarta that was miraculously NOT delayed when the event took place. So Unspun had to rely on “sources” instead. According to them the Point welcomed their guests with … Continue reading

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In Bali for Independence Day Holidays

Here are some impressions from Bali, which seems to be enjoying a very good season in tourist arrivals. This photo I took at the took at the birthday party of a 6-year old child of a friend. At the Sanur … Continue reading

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Single women in Jakarta, despair not

There’s many an eligible woman in Jakarta who’s asked Unspun to find them a single man who’s not either gay or married. Unspun has men friends who are single, gay and married but none of them I would describe as … Continue reading

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Is the message dead?

Is Ogilvy PR’s Marcia Silverman (clip below) channeling Herman Hupfeld? Herman who? Hupfeld, the guy who wrote the song As Time Goes By for the movie Casablanca. You know, the song with lyrics that goes… You must remember this A … Continue reading

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Mud in Bakrie’s eye

if there are more people like Franz Magnis-Suseno, the Teflon-like qualities of the Bakrie clan to avoid being held accountable could rub off. Gives rise to an interesting thought of what a few good men with integrity could do what … Continue reading

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Tale of two PR Conferences

It must be the season. In the first week of September the International Public Relations Association is holding its Regional Conference in Bali. In the last week of November the PR Society of Indonesia is holding its “Annual International PR … Continue reading

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More on The Point’s Grand Launch

Bounce back, take the  risk, grab the gain, revival path are the buzzwords for the seminar leading up to the Grand Launch of the The Point next Monday. One of the panel speakers is Adam Suherman, the president director of … Continue reading

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