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Minister scolds Western media for exploiting “tree Man”

No, this is not a Malaysian minister indulging in the national ministerial pastime of venting spleen at the Western media for a change. It is, in fact, Indonesian Minister for Health Siti Fadilah Supari who was apparently in a foul … Continue reading

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First Serumpun cyber skirmish?

Indonesian blogs are full of reports that an Indonesian hacker called GatCrash has managed to hack the Malaysian website at It was apparently retribution for malaysia’s appropriation of Reog Ponorogo.By the time Unspun checked the website looked normal but … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

Yes folks, the Malaysians are pissing off the Indonesians once again with their apparent “appropriation” of yet another Indonesian cultural ite, from this report by The malaysian (Oi, bro don’t call Indonesians Indons because they don’t like it lah). As … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in Bolehland

Just came back from a short visit back to Bolehland and as usual am quite depressed by the place while relishing the food there. The big event that occurred this trip was the demonstration by about 20,000 Malaysians Indians of … Continue reading

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Old love, mellow love

Unspun must be aging as he catches himself increasingly muttering to himself the Oscar Wilde quote that “youth is wasted on the young.”Another sign of aging is that Unspun found this article in the International Herald Tribute quite touching. What … Continue reading

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Dishonest argument #1: Use of emotionally toned words

At the request of reader Bonar,  Unspun starts today a series elaborating the dishonest tricks used in  argument, as outlined by R.H. Thouless in his book Straight and Crooked Thinking. The first trick Thouless talks about is: #1 The use … Continue reading

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And a mouthful makes three

There’s apparently another English-language newspaper in town. This time it is a mouthful – The Jakarta Morning Observer – to give competition to the venerable The Jakarta Post and The Point, a newcomer itself.According to Moch Kurniawan, who works at … Continue reading

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