How to buy a Chinese Indonesian wife

Not all Chinese in Southeast Asia are rich and in Indonesia there are many poor ethnic Chinese. Some of them are concentrated in Singkawang that has traditionally “produced” wives for sale to men from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, China and where there are pockets of ethnic Chinese.

Unspun bets that the bridegrooms in this case are as old and unsavory as the old unsavory Westerners preying on young nubile Asian women that we often see. But if it makes them both happy, who’s to say its wrong?

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How to Get a Wife in Singkawang

Most of the men who come to Singkawang looking for young women to marry are from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, or Singapore. These men arrive, get in touch with a broker, the broker then approaches a family with a suitably aged girl and generally offers the parents about five million rupiah (a bit over $500) for her.

The overseas men of course pay the broker much more than this figure, with one 2006 Singapore source suggesting the fee is around 30 million rupiah (about $3,000). Often a time period is stipulated in the contract as well, like two or five years, or sometimes very short periods, and often there is in fact no legal marriage. [2]

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159 Responses to How to buy a Chinese Indonesian wife

  1. andiesummerkiss says:

    Do you know how much I should charge my white American husband? I hope it’s not too late to ask for some money …


  2. unspun says:

    @Andie: You mean he hasn’t paid upfront money for you already? Someone’s gotten the raw end of a deal here ;)


  3. uwaniwan says:

    Andiesummerkiss…u must be crazy to bow so low. Isn’t he taking good care of u? lol


  4. Rob says:

    The double “unsavoury” is always a nice touch, particularly when a “preying” follows close behind!

    As you are fond of doing perhaps we should ask some of the Indonesian women who have been preyed upon to offer up their take on the matter!

    Just because an older western or caucasian man marries a younger Asian woman does not mean that it is always the old white bloke preying on the poor Asian woman!

    The situation that this post refers to is one that is rife with bad stories by the sounds of things. However, it is unfair to take these examples and use them as a generalization to apply to all inter-racial relationships.

    Hopefully, stories like this one can gain widespread coverage and garner sufficient interest in the community that if this is a situation of poverty dictating the practice then these families can get support and programs can be put into place to address the issues.

    Secondly, I hope this finally puts to rest the idea that all Indonesians of Chinese heritage are filthy rich and living off the misery of the indigenous Indonesia population. Clearly in Singkawang there is severe poverty and this wealth does not exist, except perhaps with the brokers in these transactions.

    In any event after 4 or 5 generations in a particular country I think you have earned the right to just be Indonesian without the addition of Chinese or Arab or Indian or whatever other ancestories exist.


  5. Rob says:


    I thought I posted something to this thread…maybe I am going insane or maybe akismet captured it…

    I recently read something interesting about Internet black holes and electronic information being sucked in to them and disappearing forever without a trace…maybe that is what happened?


    • Lolomonoianne Youareafaggot says:

      LOL bro i have no clue what this conversation above was about but you believe in internet and electronic black holes please hang yourself with the nearest belt. wow


  6. Rob says:

    Now I think I have posted twice without success?


  7. Rob says:

    Thanks…for releasing the captured comments!


  8. Green says:

    As if Asian girls aren’t introverted enough, just rip them from their mommy’s bosom! Talk about reclusive!


  9. tony says:

    chinese girls r the best want 1 for myself.


  10. Kitap says:

    I saw that country. Everbody must been there. And i dont know what can i say about chinese girl. (:


  11. BLUB BLACH says:



  12. Wade says:

    “old unsavory Westerners preying on young nubile Asian women that we often see.”

    Yep I sure am, wife is 34, I’m 37, however she is Asian and I am Caucasian so I guess I fit the bill. Strange though, that I come from a mostly blue collar background, auto workers, farmers, construction workers, etc. Her family are all white collar, VP of a bank, regional director for a major pharmaceutical company, film producer, engineers. I am such a predator that when I first moved to Asia her family gave me a new car for a gift and helped us get set up. They even forced let us live in their 15 room house for a year while our business was getting off the ground.

    Thinking of it actually, since her family is rich and mine is not, perhaps we can change your quote.

    “young nubile Asian women preying on old unsavory Westerners that we often see.”

    Why not? Her family is far richer and better educated then mine. So she must have been playing on the inequities in our social standings and preying upon me. Now I feel violated. Sure glad she did it though.


  13. Wade says:

    oops bad cut and paste. first line was suppose to be

    *****Wow, I just realized I am one of the*****


  14. exbrit says:

    This is a note to Rob. You are bloody right Mate. I am an “older” guy from the UK and have been married to a young Indonesian for 5 wonderful years. We live in Probolinggo and I never want to return to the UK. We even started a webpage to match up Western men with Indonesian women. Since 2003 we have never had any of the couples split up so we must be doing something right! We even state of the site that “Indonesian women are not for sale.”


  15. k says:

    i bought my chinese wife off ebay for $3.60:)
    it was awesome, she came clean apart from the bird flu
    it was the best buy of my life


  16. Becklee says:

    It’s sad that women are sold as brides to foreign men. But I suppose if these men are genuinely looking for a wife and family life, it could be a blessing for these women as they are taken out of poverty.


  17. Artie says:

    I would like to buy a chinese wife, who can i get to help me. or how would i go about doing so.


  18. Wade says:

    Wow alot of young boys read this site with only one hand left over to use the keyboard.


  19. james hunter says:

    wanting to hear from you


  20. devonq says:

    I want an asian girl beacause all these black girls today

    want money!! Especially here in america!!. I dont mind

    paying for things, but all the subjects with them is money!!

    Going to the park, you have to buy her a new outfit, plus

    make sure her hands and feet are pretty, and her hair!!! talk

    about expensive trip to the park. Other wise she will not go.

    So fornow i have a dog i go to the park with. (sigh) I cant

    wait to get my asian wife!!!


    • Richard Cole says:

      Alot of Asian women are not much different. Once they get a taste of American life and then their friends tell them how you are screwing them over. I would not marry any woman without a prenump agreement in place.


  21. FUCK CHINESE says:

    Why are Chinese such scumbags? You see it in every chatroom and in every interaction in Asia. Chinese people think they can buy other people. With the Westerner, at least the girl has a chance to say no. With the Chinese, they see women as something that can be bought and sold.



    • Umpatan says:

      I wonder if buying and selling wives will be listed on the Shanghai Composite Index or sold as an ETF and begin a new “commodities” bubble! Or how about a Singaporean style of Certificate Of Entitlement that they currently have for the right to own a vehicle placed on women, and these certificates to be bought and sold on the stock exchanges? I wonder if there will also be options and futures market and if one could short sell them just the same.


    • Neil Hampshire says:

      I don’t think you realize that along with other commodities, such as oil, Hog, Porkbellies, cattle, women, can be traded on the Shanghai Composite Index. I bet they would have their own NYMEX or CBOT where a wife can be bought and sold based on the supply and demand fundamentals of looking at the shortage of women vs men, like crude oil speculation. How about a futures contract on finding available women and buying and selling women using options and futures? Also, we should have ETF’s like Pro Shares Bride + Bull ETF, Pro Shares Bride + Bear ETF.


  22. Cimanggu says:

    Chinese are scumbags for one simple reason. Money is their Lord – ‘pecunia non olet’ – for them it is perfume which bewitches. Indonesians have their Black Magic, Chinks have their money. The Chinese in Singkawang are different, of course, they suffer from leprosy – or that is what the well-heeled Chinese think !


    • Wade says:

      Wow, pure un-adulterated racism, I don’t hear that too often these days, which is a good thing. Unfortunately there are still a few Neanderthals amongst us.

      To the people with the 2 posts above mine. I am sure “every” one of the 1.5 billion Chinese people around the world are exact as what your describing.



      • Cimanggu says:

        I see, there are still some Neanderthals stalking. I guess you bestow the honour of being one of them to my me. Do I undertand correctly ?


  23. Jimy Wong says:

    Indok are super scambags too, believing in black magic yet a muslim. their lord is invisible often follow what ulamama said. too stupid till dont have a mind to think, indok gals so cheap as 1000 rupiah when i was in jakarta but so ugly and too dark. really pissed me off. no wonder nobody wan to rape a indok dog. indok still living in jungle now. lazy and greedy. tats is malay and indok ….native of jungles…even thai is better than them. is indok languange known is this world? indok also busy fighting among themselves. if so daring, hit a chinese ship and see what happen…lousy navy of indok cant even fights singapore’s.


    • sickofjimyscumbagswong says:

      i doubt you met a girl. it must be a topeng monyet performing on the street you had tried to rape. did you get your rabies vaccine? too late i think, having seen how you mourned here.

      …altered mental status, confusion, disoriented, short tempered, impaired judgement, hysterical, anxiousness, patient demoralized, depressed, fearful…suggest you visit your doctor immediately, but make sure you have a companion with you, who knows, you might need help to differentiate a doctor from a vet. good luck!


    • tyler says:

      whoa, how ugly & poor are you, mate? scouring the city for ho’s & cheap ones, at that.


    • mike kati says:

      my frined ,(Indok are super scambags too, believing in black magic yet a muslim. their lord is invisible often follow what ulamama said. too stupid till dont have a mind to think,).
      I think you should think again about who is (Have no mind to think),who lives like an animal just eating ,sleeping,enjoying, and who lives like human being and thinking for what after death.


  24. Jimy Wong says:

    well, indok may have 4 wives….woman for keeping? or have 4 dicks? why cant indok gal can have 4 husband? orgy???? haha…even indok comes to malaysia as sabahans. dont dare to say is indok..y??? afraid of masscare? well, sure happen coz myself have beaten many indok during may 1998 in malaysia. they just hiding and claim as malay.


    • BOOO says:

      oh yeah…i think you are stupid.unless you are impotent or a sissy then you will not fuck other girls besides your girlfriend or wife…that’s if you have any..maybe next time you wife will try other guys dicks and i wonder how will you feel.if you really dare to beat up indonesian then come DARELY to indonesia and beat them up.DON BE A CHICKEN who only talk in your own country…every girls in this world are not all pretty…do your really think all chinese are beautiful…if you really want to fuck pretty girls PAY more…IDIOT.maybe you are to stingy and maybe the RP1000 you paid is to fuck a dog that belongs to humans.. .do you know RP1000 is only around SGD 15 cents..where did the hell did you go in jakarta to find a hooker that cheap..maybe they will pay you 1 cent to get you undressed or to get laid by doggsss…i don’t think any other country will dare to hit chinese ship..


    • mike kati says:

      it is the same answer,If you study islam,you will know what happened when women marry more than one man and why men should marry more than one women,you should wait tell the west start do that ,then you will convince,just wait..


      • richard says:

        there are westerners who have more then 1 wife . i say to each there own . just dont try and force your way’s on me


  25. cimanggu says:

    Oh Jimmy how right you are. Them Indoks run away when they saw Capt.Westerling some 50 years ago. Just read up on history. I tell you what them Indoks are great at: CORRUPTION. That is their raison d’ etre to lfe. As to the number of wives they have – who wants them ugly women, just like marauding dogs…


  26. dedonk says:

    may god always give brain and heart to all humans He created. if no brain at least heart would be enough


  27. adel says:

    for me , i hope from my deep heart to marry chinese or indonesian wife , i am muslim egyptian engineer living in cairo now , after living in dubaifor about one year and dial with chinese people , i hope really to marry chinese wife i hope if some one can help me to find muslim chinese wife , in my opinion its much better than arabian or western wife .


  28. hapmedia says:

    This is BS. Have you been there? How could you guess something?


  29. khetiar says:

    I would like to buy a chinese wife, who can i get to help me. or how would i go about doing so. They respect husband more tan any other ones. please Notify me of follow-up comments via email.


  30. Anon says:

    The only people on the chinese side who gain anything are her parents… In my eyes it’s not a case of making EVERYONE happy… when you buy and sell a woman as a commodity it isn’t about her want’s at all.

    These women may need money to have a better life, but I’m pretty sure they don’t need any of the disgusting and abusive acts that follow.

    Buying a girl is wrong… no matter which way you look at it… the fact you have to buy her from her parents makes it even worse…


    • Quary says:

      That can depend on the situation. Most cases can be wrong, but if its something similar to the Romeo and Juliet scenario then it sounds pretty decent thing to do.
      Its also up to the parents. I’m sure MOST of the parents think of what will happen to their daughter before they get her sold off. Its not like they just throw her out into a cage and ship her to what ever country she will live in. In a common sense, its reasonable to say that the parents knew exactly who is buying and what is displayed in the “contract” and how they can benefit from their end of the deal. Though the act itself is rather crude and unloving, I’m sure the parents think about it to the extent of their educational limits until they are pushed enough to accept the deal.

      To all those people who keep asking how to buy one, Do you really think taking care of something like that is that easy? Money, trade, contracts, connections, and everything else makes it seem less worthwhile including the risks that come with it.

      And just a note: I’m very sure less then half of them are fully vaccinated let alone able to afford it.


  31. Dino says:

    I think what bothers alot of people is the very thought that ‘unmatching” people are getting together and, god forbid!…Enjoying life!!!
    Geez, I couldn’t imagine being so judgemental.


  32. alfg says:

    where can I buy a chinese wife will do anytime as they are the best and this can be a good arragment as her and her family will get a better live and you get a wife whats wrong with that


  33. mey says:

    wifes are not for sale…
    for God sake, even you guys give their parents money they are not for sale!!!
    Because when you said you buy a wive then you can just do whatever you want to do to her. always hurt her all the time. they are not property. I am so sad reading this. Wives for sale.


  34. Tony says:

    I would like to buy a chinese wife, who can i get to help me. or how would i go about doing so. I’m sick of american wifes. I live in Hawaii on Maui and want someone to join me in my life.


  35. 68ramair says:

    Gotta love Asian women. They prefer older men. My wife is Chinese and 27. I am 43. I did not “purchase” her, we met online. We have been married 3 1/2 years now. She never even had a boyfriend before. I was her first relationship. She is loyal and dedicated to our relationship. She is not spoiled by American ways and I love that.


  36. Brazilian says:

    Authorities should read and identify such bad people who talk about women as object. We know how bad can the world be, but when we talk about marriage, it should involve love. I really hope you get what you deserve.
    Beautiful or ugly is just what reflects from the inside.


  37. Tony says:

    AGAIN,…I would like to buy a chinese wife, who can i get to help me. or how would i go about doing so. I’m sick of american wifes. I live in Hawaii on Maui and want someone to join me in my life



  38. marc says:

    How would i go about buying a wife, or who can i get help from? im sick of English women treating me like sh#t.


  39. Bara Salem says:

    Dear there,
    I don’t want buy a wife, I want to get married in proper way, but I want her honest, not married before and have no boys friends. Wish to find who can help but not with fees $3,000.00
    Help please….


  40. Macossay says:

    I don’t believe these stories about buying wives. Certainly not for only US$3000. $3000 is a drop in the ocean compared to what men spend on their wives here. If you could really get an attractive wife for $3000, half the men in America would be bidding on them, and there would be brokers in every shopping mall. But try to track these stories down and you’ll always find that it came from someone who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who read it on the internet etc.


  41. asianturist says:

    As a turist in Indo. for over a year, I can say that it is indeed tru that money can buy just about anything here. Although, I am shure that some people would “buy a wife” just to have as a item or sex slave or status symbol, I have seen only good relationships as a result. It is fairly comon for a person to have to pay a dowery in some countries. In this country, a person can pay a family an agreed price (yes the girl is in on it too) to help convince them that he is a worthy man. The girl is not kidnaped or dragged away unwillingly. The results of this marrage usualy result in the husband and wife being quite happy. Her familly reciving not just a one time payment and losing their daughter but also having the joy of knowing she will be well provided for. They usualy get visited once in a while and recive finacial help if they run in to problems. After all, they are family…
    Don’t ever think that you can just purchase a woman. If you do, she will not be what you expect. Every one, every race of people, are all still people. We all need the same stuff to survie and be happy.
    It is far easier, to simply go out and meet a girl that is atractive here in Indonesia, than it would be to convince here family to sell her to you. But remembeer,,, They all like money!


  42. expatriate says:

    I have been living in Indonesia for over ten years. There are many people who have attractive daughters, and they are seen as a financial asset to the family. Most people are so immersed in poverty, it is a blessing to have a daughter who is attractive. A family who lives on white rice every day, seasoned with salted fish and maybe some wild vegetables harvested near the house, would give serious consideration to a lump sum amount of money for the priveledge of relieving the family of an extra mouth to feed. It happens most often to the poor people, the wealthy people arrange political marriges for their childen. I have been witness to negotiations for virgin price, usually around five hundred dollars USD, paid to the father. And the reason there are not “brokers in the malls,” a comment above, is that this is grey market. It could be seen as prostitution. The women who are purchased in a deal like this are very lucky indeed. The man with the money to buy them has the money to feed them well and take them away from their hovel. The alternative is daily, nearly slave labor, with improper nutrition, for the rest of their lives, planting rice season by season until their bones are so twisted from bending over, they cannot stand up straight. 40 is old age. Third world countries have a base of poverty that is literally unimaginable to the “poor” people in the States. Who is to say that something is wrong for another person to do? Everyone makes their choices with knowledge of their own situation. It is not for outsiders to judge the actions of another.


    • Khetiar says:

      Hi, if thecase as you said, what about to make goodthing for me and for a poor and honest girl you know. To marry me in legal manner, buy a house for her in Probolinggo, will live a verygood life and will be treated as real wife as queen. Make it for Allah sake. Age not more than 35. May be abd you will be friends am at Thank you so much.


    • Alrond says:

      I have found a wonderful chinese/indo woman online and we have shared hundreds of chats for nearly a year. I am not a rich American but am able to support this woman on my pensions and leave her with a good inheritance if I should die first.
      She would likely come to me here in the US after my divorce is accomplished. What is the best route to take to make our dream come true?


  43. expatriate says:

    To add to my above comment, I am a woman.


  44. expatriate says:

    To add another comment, American wives are purchased as well. Just in a different way. What woman would marry a man who cannot care for her? The dating ritual is all about showing the woman how much money you can spend on her. No woman will give herself to a man who does not own a house, a car, a bank account, credit cards, etc. and willing to blow money on her. And if the man cuts the money off, the woman cuts the honey off. Telling me that’s not prostitution? That’s life! Nothing wrong with it at all except from the point of view of some spoiled people who have never been hungry before. The women in caveman days would not have mated with the weakling that had no food, but with the strong hunter who had lots of furs to keep them warm. It’s survival instinct.


  45. Xhiao says:

    hi i wonder if i been bought by american he say he love me but he take me on plane to america and lock me in bedroom but we have wedding ring. everynight he come home and we go to bed. I love him but im not sure if he love me or buy me o


  46. Wade says:

    Doesn’t seem like internet access is an issue however?


  47. Danny says:

    Hey guys, I’m planning to make a film about buying a Chinese wife, does anyone have some good ideas or stories?


  48. bujangkelam says:

    Hey guys, it just an issue or realy truth…i ever stay & live in S’kawang but never knows about these stories.
    I like the Chinese girl, they so… amazing in bed..ha.ha.ha.. :D


  49. bujangkelam says:

    I’m interested to beuty chinese girl and want find one. No problem with Us$3000, becouse….in the present time is easy to looking for womans but hard to looking for a wife… specialy for professional with a good career in overseas but don’t have time for funs !!!!
    Anybody can help me…how could to buy one, i’ll apreciate if you could send me an email !!!


  50. tweakedgeek says:

    I was bidding on one on eBay. Got up to $21.43 and I ran out of money to bid more. Anyone know where I can get loan to buy chinese wife?


  51. 2KnG2 says:

    I NEED A CHINESE WIFE!!!! the dishes are piling up in the kitchen and the floor needs vaccuming.


  52. mobil bekas says:

    what so good with chinese girl? people from uzbek,north india, malay, are very delicate…


  53. Alrond says:

    I want to know the method of bringing the Indo/Chinese woman from Indonesia to the USA without paying big money to agents. Who do you talk to to get it done easily?


  54. Some guy from Russia says:

    I have a neighbour who is from Uzbekistan. He came earned some money here in Russia then went back to Uzbekistan and bought a wife and brought here over here. He is 31 and she is 20


  55. kenny says:

    would like to see woman with big sexy legs will pay must see first age around 30 and above send picture via email


  56. China Man says:

    Can i buy a second wife for around 1000 USD? She must have strong legs though and need to cook well. I don’t want some skinny malnutrition girl as over here there is plenty. if there an agency that set this up let me know…


  57. Khetiar says:

    Hi China man, if there are plenty of girls whom you called skinny, be kind and nominate one for me, you will be reworded.
    Thank you for your kind help.


  58. Muhammad says:

    Dear there,
    I don’t want buy a wife, I want to get married in proper way, but I want her honest, not married before and have no boys friends. Wish to find who can help with normal fees
    Help please


  59. Muhammad says:

    i am working in Dubai . I am interested in marrying a Indodesian MUSLIM Women who live in Dubai or intersted to come Dubai.
    Please contact me


  60. Muhammad says:

    i am working in Dubai . I am interested in marrying a Indodesian MUSLIM Women who live in Dubai or intersted to come Dubai.
    Please contact me


  61. Zakku says:

    haha, follow your heart…weak minded fools. i know ill find my very own asian girl someday… :/


  62. Jacobian says:

    well love has no boundary. haha…


  63. Abu Esa says:

    Most women (and some men) still believe that love is something that men really give a darn about. Love will come later. Men want to be respected, to be taken care of the same way we have to take care of the women. We get a measly half and hour (at best) of enjoyment in the bed (per day) and the remaining 23 1/2 hours we are taking care of our part of the responsibility, I would buy a wife in a heartbeat and I think its the greatest idea since toilet paper. Were can I find one NOW. Whats the difference in the traditional way. We pay aaalll this money anyway and end up with half of what those men who pay get. Email me NOW ……


  64. hassan says:

    hi all
    i am an arabic man searching for faithfull wife and good mannered.
    if there is any i can afford her a good standered of living.
    just e mail me


  65. khetiar says:

    Be careful, most of them are cheaters. It is up to you.


  66. i want good girl long time says:

    I travel the world looking for wife. is fun…

    Great hobie. But want a good one… to keep

    Cupid will find me one day,


  67. oracle says:

    Its all b/s chinese,japanese,skip,westerner..whats the diff!! i fucked em all and without a shadow of a doubt…its all about money…its all about bettering there position getting what they want…the only ones that make good for a while are the ones leaving abusive relationships …im selfish i honestly dont give a fuck what they think ..and im in the position to do it and they still come if they dont like me hahaha!!! fuck the vile cunts ..and that goes for any faggot lover boy who thinks different…..soft cunts who willfully sucuumb in denial u fuckers !!!


  68. khetiar says:

    Oracle telling the truth. Be careful, they love money more than anything else. bye


  69. camilia says:

    hi im indonesia woman, single, 35 years old
    married for money or money for merried??
    hemmm… its normal i think,, we can choice what we want,,
    Btw lets we think cleary not all indonesia man/woman need money only.. if we travel to another county, we can see still hv good woman n hv man/woman like ur money only, in indonesia like that too, soooo its normal… if we lucky, we ll find man/woman w love,, wish all the best AMIN,,, SALAM..CU


  70. Homie says:

    MAn, look at all these desperate guys. If you aint such a loser, you would’ve gotten a girl in your own countries. sheesh….buying a wive??? What are you? Sick people taking advantage of others’ misfortune!


  71. Will says:

    Buying a wife? What could possibly be wrong with this idea?


  72. khetiar says:

    The wife is a human being should be respected, she is not like animals to sell or buy her. Do you accept some one buy you with little $s. Human being has a dignity.
    Thank you.


  73. poi poi says:

    Money, money and money.

    Thats the keyword


  74. Richard Cole says:

    I am looking for an honest trustworthy asian woman to marry. Between 33 and 45. Unfortunately I cannot obtain a US Passport because I got behind on my child support because I had a heart attack several years back. The outragous interest along with the outragous amount to begin with is now at an alleged 40000$. I could probably mortgage my home but I have no intention of giving in to the armed extortion. Is their a way I can use an agency to send a woman here or is their a way I can have her come here for a visit and then apply for a fiance visa while she returns home. I want her legal. Any help in this would be appreciated. PS for the record my ex-wife has a serious substance abuse problem and committed adultry and it was noted in the divorce and it was also proven I was more qualifyed to take care of my 3 boys and I have to pay. I guess I drove her too it. Personally I think every Judge and lawyer should be sent to the firery depths of hell


  75. jim says:

    so what my wife’s a import from china worth every cent i payed for her $5000 landed was good value


  76. steve says:

    wow so much shit about the “buying a bride ‘ and mainly western men being the culprits, but as we all know in some Indonesian cultures its the family of the women who in fact pay to buy a husband , and the funny thing is that its the family of the husbansd that get the cash/ washing machne / fridge or what ever else the family of the to be husband demand , so it goes on and on , the fact remains that money makes the world go around in all forms .


  77. varntv says:

    I am looking for a somenone to help me find a asian wife . please email me


  78. Looking for a Wife says:

    salaam, i am a muslim living and working in Europe. And i am looking for a Indonesien MUSLIM wife, who is 23 to 28 years old, is strict on her religious responsibilities, had no boyfriends before and lives in a city other then Jakarta.. Contact me at


  79. ron says:

    I am looking for a asian wife if you can help


  80. Alan Neoh says:

    aduh, why didn’t u tell me about this? time wasted! put me in touch with a broker double quick will ya?


  81. john cambell says:

    can i buy a male order chines husband?….needs to be flameing gay like me ;)


  82. Jamal says:

    i am working in Kuwait. I am interested in marrying a Indodesian MUSLIM Women who live in Kuwait. Please contact me


  83. Jamal says:

    I am working in Kuwait. I am interested in marrying a Indodesian / any natioanality MUSLIM Women who live in Kuwait. Please contact me


  84. says:

    I agree with Vivian. If you have to by a wife then obviously you don’t deserve one. It is a rather pathetic statement about oneself if you have to resort to paying for a wife. You would be better off with a prostitute. In the long run, it’s a lot cheaper.

    As Vivian says, you should pay with your heart. Maybe then you would have a wife who actually loves you.


  85. indonesianlady says:

    hi i am looking for fereign husband.i am 27yo indonesian woman, single, never married,bacheloor degree, i want legal way no trade wife


  86. My name is Rich.And I’m looking for a wife someone to live my life with and have a Family and have kids.Yes I’m a white man looking for a wife.The thing is I do not date white women any women but white.All of the white women I have date was not good to me they lied to me about things I live in the USA warren OHIO.I have been looking for a woman for about 1 year.but I’m looking for a girl about e18/24 to be my wife someone i can live my life with and have kids.I’m not a rich me…..I hope to meet the love of my life soon.I hope a woman will send for me and I can move in with her..I’m living with a friend now.And I’m looking for a asian or black or any women..But I live in warren OHIO 1415 hollywood ST NE 44483 so if any woman waits to mail me you can RICHARD THOMPSON.. But I have ADDS up looking for a woman but I have had not much luck….But I WISH to meet the love of my life soon…If i had one wish in life it would be to find a woman that will be my wife and have my kiss .and that has money…….So if any women out there are looking for someone like me hit me up…..Or just come and get me…


    • lousy potbellied man says:

      you just like posted your address.
      anyways, just hit on random girls,
      sweet talk all of them.
      you might find the one after a few hundred trials and error.
      we all did the same thing didn’t we?


  87. I'magal says:

    Hahahahhahaahaha Hey hey hey wth with yall guys…. maybe ur dads bought ur moms also a few decades ago from deep deep in the jungle of amazon… I hate big-fat-mouthed-guys with poor numbers of cells of neurons in the head!!! LOL


  88. JohnnyMcRedneckerson says:

    I am a mail order husband. I am available on the market for a very high price. I am actually selling myself. I have fif-teen kids to support and three ex-wives to pay alimony to. They were all inbreads with with a total 17 teeth between the three of them and that’s why it didn’t work out. I am educated, only took me three years to get my GED. I am also talented, can chug a 40 oz. beer in five seconds flat (see me break the record on If you you are an eligible bachelorette, please send a picture of your car and your boat.


  89. My name is Richard Thompson.Yes I’m a white man.Looking for a arab or black or asian woman to be my wife.It is Hard to find a woman that you do not know if they are in to white men…I have been looking for a woman that is will to be my wife.I do not discriminate who I date.I was just with this black woman and she was not good to me…But I’m looking for a woman to be my wife.If I had my way I would do what my ex friends dad did.And find a woman over seas and bring her back hear and have a family .But not like what my ex friends dad did he was over seas and picked out his wife out of 14 women…The fun thing is his dad has 4 kids with this white woman.And now him and his new wife are having kids…..But I know people over hear in the USA that has two or three kids by two or more women.And I even know this cop over hear that has 20 or more Rental’s And he rents to women only.So when they can not pay rent He has sex with them for rent.And he has a wife and two kids.And he may have 4/6 kids by the women he rents to.And he is a warren city cop.And he owes my dad money for working on his new home…There is a lot of that in the USA…Even women that I have dated was with me and some one else at the same time and I did not know about it…But now in my live I do not date white women.Because I have had women lie play games .That why.I would any thing to move out of this area.And find a arab or asian or black girl to be my friend and lover and my wife and have my kids.I live in warren the USA 1415 Hollywood ST NE 44483 But I’m looking for love and a woman that will be good to me.


  90. My name is Rich.And I’m looking for a woman to live my life with.And looking for a girl to be my friend and my lover and my wife and have my kids.Yes I’m a white man living in the USA.And I do not discriminate on you I date.I’m looking for a woman about 18/25 to be my wife.I live in warren OH.And I have been looking for a arab or asian or black or mixed woman .To live my life with and Have a family with .I do not have a lot of money.And is looking for a wife that has a job.And is willing to be good to me.but it is hard to find a woman that I do not if she is in to white men.But I hope to meet a girl soon.I have been looking for someone that lives in my area.I’m a easy going man.I’M 31 Y O.AND I’m looking for a girl now …But if any women see this and is a younger woman.That will be a good wife.And Just email at
    but NO GAMES AND IF YOU ARE READY NOW COME TO ME.or send for me .So just email soon…


    • Tom says:




  91. Tom says:

    i want to buy a girl from Singkawang area
    I am looking for a young wife able to have children

    i have tried to find a broker and cannot i live in the USA

    i have a good job but work many hours cannot find good loving girls in usa
    5 frinds have wifes from Singkawang and from china and they are great wifes and they really do love there husbands very much they take good care of them and the husbands take good care of there wifes and they travel back and forth 3 times a yrs so she can see her family.

    I have asked them if they can hook me up with friends or other girls and they say the best way is to find a broker who can travel between the USA and Asia and can get visa for the girl. NEVER EVER JOIN A WEBSITE FOR DATING ASIN GIRLS THEY ARE ALL RIPOFFS 9 OUT OF 10 GIRLS WILL NEVER LEAVE THERE HOMES AND 9 OUT OF TEN ARE FAKES SCAMMING FOR MONEY


    I have tried contacting there brokers and i never get any replies back



  92. riaan says:

    Pls let me know how do I go about to buy a woman and how mutch will the cost be?


    • figjam says:

      all up sould cost about 4000 landed i payed 4500 for my wife worth evey cent she cooks cleans and @@@@ for a bowl of rice ha ha ha


  93. big meat says:

    My asain came with one leg and is missing a tounge can I get a refund


  94. Steve says:

    How do I find a chinese girl that I can hire to clean my house?


  95. Dennis says:

    Craig’s list. But I have found Hispanics do a better job


  96. Linda Chan says:

    funny article not to take seriously here indonesian chinese gilrs for dating no need to buy la


  97. deny says:

    are you still human?


  98. Fucker says:

    You are the biggest dumb ass ever to come on to the internet


  99. john smith says:

    Really, i am surprise with the comments from people at here, yup comments, not surprise with the article. As far as I know, for some people all around the world, you can buy “everything” for sex, including a “wife” (for short, long or permanent term). and that condition also applies for any advance country (western world), not limited to any developing/poor country. so, why would some of you become so…racist and discredit the chinesse? wake up, get up and leave your pc and internet, and see the real world, find the experience…for example, go to Banyuwangi or Sukabumi, and with the right access and off course: money, it will be easy to buy a “wife” and they are not chinesse, but the local “native”. open your mind, b’coz even in your race, buy and selling a “wife” or “wives” perhaps also exist as reality in life… ( ps: i’m not a chinesse, i’m a native local race in the country which has an area known as that Singkawang).


  100. jamie says:

    all i want is a wife how do i get 1


  101. SHREDER says:



  102. Lucas says:

    $100,000 is my offer for finding wife. Must find, and must be able to close the deal.


  103. Asianize says:

    I’ll help u out. Indonesian or maybe Cambodian chicks?
    I have some friends who attract to caucasian men. So it won’t be difficult, will it?


  104. Justin says:

    I want one!!


  105. beth says:

    I think this should be illegal.


  106. thinfilegravatar says:

    I am speaking from over 30 years of experience:

    If you really want to be happy then don’t try to buy a wife. You would be better paying for a housekeeper and a prostitute. it would cost you a lot less money and there would be less arguments.

    Visit the country where you think your ideal woman lives. Learn the language. If you’re too big a loser to attract women, you need to straighten yourself out and learn how to be worth having. It is not hard to improve yourself. Just search the Internet for some help.

    If you’re looking for a slave, both of you will be unhappy. Asian women are not stupid. I have found most of them to be incredibly intelligent and resourceful. If you are a loser, they will find out. You might be surprised how badly you will get “screwed” when the relationship ends after you have pissed them off. A couple of my acquaintances did not survive the experience.

    Why don’t you just look for what you really want?; A companion that you can respect and love even when both of you have grown old.


  107. Chris says:

    Can u tell me how I can find such a broker? Or at least get a contact?


  108. Lee says:

    Don’t marry a girl who submits to you just because you had bought her but secretly she doesn’t have any love for you in her heart. Unknowingly you’ll be badly affected by her body’s aura which might cause serious health problems for you later in life. Only marry a girl if there’s genuine mutual love between the two of you.


  109. Willie partner says:

    will pay up to 5k for attractive in good physical conditon asian wife ASAP … will take good acre of her and treat her well .:)


  110. desmond says:

    buy indon chinese girl age 18-26.If got sent me email n photo add my email with the price.


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