Asinine Asshiddique backing instead of damning Daming

The law is bound to be an ass when its highest judges exhibit asinine behaviour. Here we have Jimly Asshiddiqie, the former head of Indonesia’s Constitutional Court ,an institution that is supposed to exercise wisdom in the upholding and protection of Indonesia’s most important document, its Constitution, saying: “It’s part of  our culture to treat women inappropriately,”? 

Jimly’s thinks the Judicial Commission should therefore have gone easy on Daming by a mere rap of the knuckles instead of wanting his resignation.

Asshiddiqie Proud of our culture

In this instance, the Judicial Commission is totally correct in demanding his dismissal. Daming has, abover all things, shown poor judgement – a fatal flaw for a judge. There is no way a modern Indonesian society can have confidence in the Judiciary and the law if people like him remain in office. Jimly wins a shit-for-brains tag for his statement.

Former Constitutional Court chief backs Daming over rape joke | The Jakarta Post

Former Constitutional Court chief justice Jimly Asshiddiqie slammed the Judicial Commission’s (KY) decision to dismiss Supreme Court justice hopeful Muhammad Daming Sunusi over an insensitive rape joke.

“Dismissing him is overboard [Daming] as he has apologized for his slip of the tongue. Daming is an example of Indonesian men. It’s part of  our culture to treat women inappropriately,” Jimly said on the sidelines of a meeting at the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

However, Jimly added, Daming should still be punished for making such a controversial statement in public because he was applying for an important position at the Supreme Court.

Daming, current head of the Banjarmasin High Court in South Kalimantan, caused a national uproar last week after he said that once elected a Supreme Court justice, he would be lenient on rapists because they and their victims might have enjoyed intercourse.

Following his remarks, the KY decided to strip Daming of his position for breaching the judicial code of ethics.

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2 Responses to Asinine Asshiddique backing instead of damning Daming

  1. Edi says:

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  2. multibrand says:

    I used to respect Jimly Assidiquii when he was Chief of the Constitutional Court. I never thought that he would say such nasty thing.


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