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Jokowi’s lost the plot: time to seek professional help

Unspun was one of those people rooting for Jokowi when he was contesting against Prabowo in the presidential elections. Not because he was the best of candidates but he was the better candidate in terms of integrity. That alone held out … Continue reading

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Are good intentions harming Indonesia in the new Cicak-Buaya episode?

Five year from now when Indonesians look back at this moment in the nation’s history what conclusions would they draw? What seems to suggest itself is that the Police-KPK issue is likely to be perceived as  watershed moment. On one … Continue reading

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What Rara experienced as an intern at my workplace

Rara and Ken were winners of the PRVaganza 2014, a multi-university competition for communications students. Their team from Univerisiti Gadjah Mada won the competition and the prize for that was an offer of a month’s internship at Maverick. Ken’s chosen to … Continue reading

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The Perks of Being a Maverick for One Month.

Originally posted on brainstorming:
Being the winner of PRVaganza 2014 was not an easy one. I still bore in my mind the 8 hours trip from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. I arrived before the sun rose and went straight to Universitas…

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Running out of good sense?

The Nike Bajak Jakarta run yesterday has propelled itself into a storm of controversy because of the massive traffic jams it caused in the city. The reason why it caused gridlock in the traffic was because Nike decided to hold … Continue reading

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Insulting Islam or taking the piss out of ISIS?

One thing about Indonesia is that it always surprises. Just when all of us thought that the Jokowi Government would user in a even more liberal regime that would value freedom of expression, comes news that the Police have indicted … Continue reading

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The Look of Silence disrupted, doesn’t it make you now absolutely want to see the film?

When the thugs at Pemuda Pancasila, who used to be the Brownshirts of the Golkar Party but Unspun is not exactly sure who controls them now, want people not to watch a film, and try to disrupt its screening, then its a … Continue reading

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