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Repent all ye skeptics: Gen. Moeldoko’s watch is a fake

Hush ye of little faith! The Indonesian Military does not indulge in corruption. So all the skeptics who thought that Armed Forces Commander General Moeldoko was wearing a US$100,000 Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback – and therefore may be … Continue reading

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The JIS case: It never rains but it pours

One of the characteristics of a crisis-like situation is that when you think that things can’t get worse, they do. It now turns out that a “prolific” child predator, who taught at the Jakarta International School (JIS) about 2 decades … Continue reading

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Sunset, off Labuan Bajo, Flores

It was promising to be a bit of a disaster. Our speedboat had engine failure on one of its two outboard motors. Then it ran out of fuel running on one motor. We were stuck in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Lessons from JIS’s late communications

After a week of silence since news broke on the child molestation case, JIS finally broke the silence and called a press conference. At the press conference, the school’s headmaster Tim Carr covered at least 2 of the 3Rs of crisis communications: … Continue reading

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JIS digging itself deeper into trouble

Update:, 17 April: Unspun’s been told that JIS has appointed an international PR firm to help them. Hopefully we’ll see better communications from them. also see latest posting on JIS and its press conference here This post is dedicated to … Continue reading

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Raiding the Ban for Popular Votes?

Even though you may no agree with it you could understand the reasons why Malaysia’s censors might want to ban a film like Noah – the ultra sensitive Muslims in that country bristle at any attempts to dick around with … Continue reading

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How the media will report the MH370 incident

When a plane goes missing, it is a terrible experience for the families and loved ones of the victims. The uncertainty, the waiting and the frustration of not knowing can be heart rendering. The best we all can do is … Continue reading

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Brushing up the past

Today, I taught my 12-year old son how to polish his shoes. He was intrigued by the process and pleased with the outcome of eyeing his scruffy shoes looking much more presentable after a coating of bootblack and brushing. Even … Continue reading

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Cutting through the clutter about the Cut the Crab incident

One of the ever-present threats of companies in the Food and Beverage business is food poisoning. This is especially so when you deal in seafood that spoils easily. Cut the Crab, a hip new restaurant chain with a great gimmick … Continue reading

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Why you need to help your new employees find jobs elsewhere

Having staff retention problems? For years we struggled with this problem, trying to stop people from leaving. Then one morning we thought” “Why are we trying to stop something that can’t be stopped?”. So we changed strategies and and decided … Continue reading

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