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Running out of good sense?

The Nike Bajak Jakarta run yesterday has propelled itself into a storm of controversy because of the massive traffic jams it caused in the city. The reason why it caused gridlock in the traffic was because Nike decided to hold … Continue reading

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Insulting Islam or taking the piss out of ISIS?

One thing about Indonesia is that it always surprises. Just when all of us thought that the Jokowi Government would user in a even more liberal regime that would value freedom of expression, comes news that the Police have indicted … Continue reading

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The Look of Silence disrupted, doesn’t it make you now absolutely want to see the film?

When the thugs at Pemuda¬†Pancasila, who used to be the Brownshirts of the Golkar Party but Unspun is not¬†exactly sure who controls them now, want people not to watch a film, and try to disrupt its screening, then its a … Continue reading

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Dream on Malaysia while Indonesia takes stand against “Islamic” crazies

I’ll never forget how wistful my Malaysian cardiologist was when he found out that I was from Indonesia and that we now have Jokowi as the President. “He seems a good guy, isn’t he?” he said of Jokowi as I … Continue reading

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Dramatic reversal of perception over JIS sexual assault case

How the worm turns. It now appears – from the news story below – that the Police, according to the Commission on Missing Persons and the Victims of Violence (Kontras), may have coerced a confession from the janitors at the … Continue reading

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Did Hashim get a fair shake in his “investigate and obstruct” quote?

This is controversial so let’s get Unspun’s motives and political inclinations out of the way. Unspun is not an Indonsian voter but if he was he would have voted Jakowi for president. Not so much because Jokowi is great presidential … Continue reading

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Connecting Deeper and soaring to great heights at the #APMF2014

Unspun had the privilege to be invited to attend and to speak at the Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) 2014, a biennial gathering of creatives, advertising agencies, media houses, publishers and advertisers from huge brands. And what a privilege it … Continue reading

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