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Dream on Malaysia while Indonesia takes stand against “Islamic” crazies

I’ll never forget how wistful my Malaysian cardiologist was when he found out that I was from Indonesia and that we now have Jokowi as the President. “He seems a good guy, isn’t he?” he said of Jokowi as I … Continue reading

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One small step for a Muslim, one giant leap for our eardrums?

Apres lui, le déluge? One can only hope Indonesian Wins Rare Victory Against Noisy Mosque | The Jakarta Globe Banda Aceh. An elderly Indonesian said Monday he had won a rare victory against a noisy mosque, despite being forced to … Continue reading

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Why Malaysian politicos get worked up by a Bible written in jawi

Indonesians will be forgiven if they are flabbergasted by the news item below. That’s because in Indonesia there is lacking that narrow-mindedness that is so common among Malaysian, particularly Malay politicians who are unable to distinguish between religion, culture and … Continue reading

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Dirty Minds and Women who Straddle

Yet another case of men with dirty minds who blame women for the filth in their craniums. For the sake of these easily stimulated men, they expect women to endanger their lives and sit sideways on a motorbike rather than … Continue reading

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Finally you know who gets infuriated over talk of sex

The world is a strange place. Usually it is the Moslem cleric denouncing some seemingly depraved talk show host for sexually-explicit and immoral trash talk. This time the tables are turned with the Government watchdog  the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) … Continue reading

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Going Gaga with Islam in Malaysia

How ridiculous can people get? What is it about people who ride to political power on the coattails of religion that they think they can budget others with their zealotry? So what if the buildings in Kelantan have idols in … Continue reading

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What the Fatwa?

We all can understand Islam forbidding rioting, causing disturbance and damaging public property. But what about corruption, Gerrymeandering, arrogance and utter disrespect for the intelligence and integrity of citizens? How do these clerics sleep at night and face their children? … Continue reading

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