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The real reason why Banten and Temanggung occur again and again

It is easy to blame the violence in Banten and Temenggung on the usual suspects – poor laws, poor law enforcement, a decline in religious tolerance or dark political forces at play. They would all be correct but fails to … Continue reading

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Tarnishing the intelligence of Muslims

There was once a time when Malaysians would make a virtue of how tolerant they were of each other’s religion and culture. The Open House, where you would invite your neighbors and friends from other races and religions to your … Continue reading

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But is this true?

Provocative? Inflammatory? Or a gem of unconventional and inconvenient truths? You decide from this article in Malaysia Today that raises questions about who is a Malay, whether the Chinese brought Islam to Indonesia and whether the Javanese hate the Chinese. … Continue reading

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Women having extramarital sex with no men?

This story has been making headlines in Malaysia. But so far nobody seems to have answered the question of many discerning readers of this episode: How come no men are caned together with the women? Why is it that only … Continue reading

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Crash and Burn: DVDs of 2012 by school kids

All very commendable for elementary school students to support their religious wallahs in protesting against a movie. Unspun, however is curious whether the DVDs they burned were legal copies or the cheap pirated stuff you get at Ratu Plaza and … Continue reading

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Islamic fundamentalism 2.0?

Why is it that every time people abuse a technology or use it for unsavory ends, the Faithful are not asked to curb their own desires or to find a more innovative and attractive way to use that technology to … Continue reading

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More to come for Malaysian Muslims/Malays?

Unspun’s sister must be having a relaxed day because she’s sent us an email that’s making the rounds in Malaysia following the Yoga prohibition. Here’s sharing it with you: Selepas fatwa pengharaman yoga, fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang adalah seperti berikut … Continue reading

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