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Why do mosques turn up the volume during Ramadhan?

Ah ‘Tis the Season. Unspun‘s spent many dawns being frightened from his sleep due to the fact that there are at least three mosques nearby. The question: “Why doesn’t anyone tell them to tone down?” occurred to Unspun but being … Continue reading

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Finally you know who gets infuriated over talk of sex

The world is a strange place. Usually it is the Moslem cleric denouncing some seemingly depraved talk show host for sexually-explicit and immoral trash talk. This time the tables are turned with the Government watchdog ┬áthe Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) … Continue reading

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The Jakarta Globe mounts a defensive commentary on its Lady Gaga editorial

Thank God and the FPI for democracy. Because of them the Jakarta Globe could show its true colors on where it sits where freedom of speech and taking a strong stand on sensitive issues are concerned. Today it took an … Continue reading

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Going Gaga with Islam in Malaysia

How ridiculous can people get? What is it about people who ride to political power on the coattails of religion that they think they can budget others with their zealotry? So what if the buildings in Kelantan have idols in … Continue reading

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What the Fatwa?

We all can understand Islam forbidding rioting, causing disturbance and damaging public property. But what about corruption, Gerrymeandering, arrogance and utter disrespect for the intelligence and integrity of citizens? How do these clerics sleep at night and face their children? … Continue reading

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FPI’s complaint about being kept out of Central Kalimantan: Rasain Deh!

The irony of this story is too delicious. Only one phrase captures what FPI deserves: Rasain deh!

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Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunts and Habib Rizieq’s FPI

Here are two different but fascinating stories. It takes place in different countries and different times, but they both tell the story about how you can fool (and intimidate) all the people some of the time but ┬ánot all the … Continue reading

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