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What the Fatwa?

We all can understand Islam forbidding rioting, causing disturbance and damaging public property. But what about corruption, Gerrymeandering, arrogance and utter disrespect for the intelligence and integrity of citizens? How do these clerics sleep at night and face their children? … Continue reading

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FPI’s complaint about being kept out of Central Kalimantan: Rasain Deh!

The irony of this story is too delicious. Only one phrase captures what FPI deserves: Rasain deh!

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Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunts and Habib Rizieq’s FPI

Here are two different but fascinating stories. It takes place in different countries and different times, but they both tell the story about how you can fool (and intimidate) all the people some of the time but ┬ánot all the … Continue reading

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Ramadhan blooper II: Indonesian TV’s turn

In Unspun’s last posting we featured the silliness of TV8 in Malaysia and its Ramadhan message. While the flak is still flying in Malaysia, Indonesia’s TVOne (what is it with TV stations and numerals?) seems to have come up with … Continue reading

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The real reason why Banten and Temanggung occur again and again

It is easy to blame the violence in Banten and Temenggung on the usual suspects – poor laws, poor law enforcement, a decline in religious tolerance or dark political forces at play. They would all be correct but fails to … Continue reading

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Tarnishing the intelligence of Muslims

There was once a time when Malaysians would make a virtue of how tolerant they were of each other’s religion and culture. The Open House, where you would invite your neighbors and friends from other races and religions to your … Continue reading

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But is this true?

Provocative? Inflammatory? Or a gem of unconventional and inconvenient truths? You decide from this article in Malaysia Today that raises questions about who is a Malay, whether the Chinese brought Islam to Indonesia and whether the Javanese hate the Chinese. … Continue reading

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Too much time, nothing to do

The Cantonese phrase Tak Han Mo Yeh Cho comes to mind when Unspun read the story below. Roughly translated the phrase (literally, too much time, nothing to do) refers someone who engages in frivolous things because they have nothing better … Continue reading

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When its OK not to register your marriage and marry more than one wife, or three

Unspun was trying to unspin what the Minister for Religion had to say about unregistered marriages, polygamy and the law and ended up in a knot instead. A minister that considers something illegal legal from the religious standpoint, legal registration … Continue reading

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Women having extramarital sex with no men?

This story has been making headlines in Malaysia. But so far nobody seems to have answered the question of many discerning readers of this episode: How come no men are caned together with the women? Why is it that only … Continue reading

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