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Bully for the President

How naive can one get? The Internet can be a powerful medium to communicate and engage with lots of people but it has never been a Utopia. In fact, from the start the Net has had a culture of crash … Continue reading

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Salingsilang and the closing of a chapter in Indonesia’s social media scene

And thus closes another chapter in the development of social media in the community. At its height showed lots of promise and had the potential of becoming a nucleus of the online community in Indonesia. It had a stable … Continue reading

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Rhoma Irama and his spunky bid for president

Never look down on a dangdut star. You never know what’s beneath him. Though it is difficult for many to conceive what could possibly be beneath Dangdut star Rhoma Irama, he of the gushing tear ducts, there is apparently plenty … Continue reading

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What is the end game for all social media investments?

Unspun was conducting a social media workshop recently when the topic settled on KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. The answer was simple but I could tell it was unsatisfying to the audience: it depends. The audience wanted definite answers to … Continue reading

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Here’s the skinny on PSY and his Oppan Gangnam Style

OK admit it. You make derisive remarks about PSY and his music video Oppan Gangnam Style because you’re afraid to look silly, but secretly inside you love the infectious and whacky beat of the music. You’ve probably checked out his … Continue reading

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How far would Maverick go to find talent?

How far would a comunications consultancy go to find good people? In the case of Maverick, the place where I work, plenty far. So far that we actually created a new position of Community Curator this year where one of … Continue reading

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Why Fauzi is being Foked on social media by the Jokowi crowd

The video below that is well produced and catchy with a huge dose of humor is yet another reason why the incumbent Jakarta Mayor Fauzi Bowo is losing out big time in the popularity stakes to challenger Jokowi and his … Continue reading

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