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KL a damn good place to recuperate

Unspun, it would seem, has spent too many years out of Malaysia that he’s forgotten some of the better aspects of this country. In normal times Unspun would zip in and out of the country for a short visit to … Continue reading

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When is batik really batik?

In Bali News: Has Garuda Lost the Thread on Heritage Conservation? the publication takes Garuda Boss Emirsyah Satar for resorting to using ersatz batik instead of the original ones for the uniforms of its staff. Unspun doesn’t quite get what … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace and the Balinese Gigolos

The Balinese authorities have got it all wrong where it comes to the hooha over the news documentary Cowboys in Paradise, about the Kuta Cowboys, gigolos selling their services to foreign women tourists. Instead of getting angry with Singapore-based director … Continue reading

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Does Indonesia Suck as a tourist destination?

@anakcerdas just alerted me to this blog posting in Travel Blog with the terse and succinct message: “Memalukan yah” (Shameful, isn’t it?). Yes, it is indeed shameful if even half of what the blogger, Mike Foster, says is true. As … Continue reading

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Indonesian tourism’s secret weapon?

Someone help Unspun here please. Can anyone explain how a “senior” singer such as Eddy Silitonga, him of the cheesy mustache and unkempt haircut, is going to attract droves of tourists to Indonesia’s shores? Does the Tourism Minister, in his … Continue reading

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Sexy underwear for the dead

Was recently in the historic town of Malacca in Malaysia and strolling through its old quarter when we chanced on one of several shops that sold offering for the dearly departed. The Chinese believe that when people die they go … Continue reading

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The lovely wooden houses of Bangka

Was in Bangka over the weekend and couldn’t help but appreciate the textures and washed out colors of the wooden houses as you get out of Pangkal Pinang. Here’s one of them: The rest, as well as other shots of … Continue reading

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