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It’s now out in the open: Mediacare curator says he’s representing Billy

There is one lesson that those who dabble in the blogosphere and the Net should never forget: there is nowhere to hide. It’s OK to advocate something, its OK to be passionate and to take sides but at all times … Continue reading

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Mediacare takes great interest in Billy Sindoro case

Why is Radityo Djadjoeri, the owner and administrator of Mediacare, the Yahoo mailing list for journalists and communicators, and also the blog, taking an inordinate interest in the Billy Sindoro case? On Tuesday 16 December he posted a message entitled … Continue reading

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Billy on the skids

Unspun guesses that one could see significance in Lippo Group Executive Billy Sindoro being indicted in the Anti Corruption Court on International¬† Anticorruption Day Tuesday. Earlier Unspun had wondered how the Lippo Group publication Jakarta Globe would cover the trial. … Continue reading

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Court to hear indictments against businessman in bribery case | The Jakarta Post

Unspun wonders how the Jakarta Globe, Investor Daily and Merdeka will cover this tomorrow? All of the publications and Billy have one common factor, they have James Riady as their boss. Will there be disclosure in these publications (Billy works … Continue reading

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The silence of the jingoists

Even as late as a week ago, the nationalistic card was being played against international investors and the springboard for the jingoists was the Commission for Business Competition Supervisory Council (KPPU). Each time they found a foreign investor guilty was, … Continue reading

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