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Does Tiffy have a point about rude, anonymous Tweeters?

Information Minister Tifatul, the Hitler-admiring and shaker-of-Michele-Obama’s-hands-in-denial Information Minister gets a lot of things wrong, but his angst at anonymous accounts on Twitter that use insults to attack people has some merit to it. Make no mistake, Unspun’s 100 percent in agreement … Continue reading

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Indonesian Minister’s morbid tweets about Hitler

Whatever he is, Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring isn’t boring, especially when it comes to Tweeting, which he or a team that he hires, does with religious regularity. Of late, however, @tifsembiring’s tweets have taken a strange, some say … Continue reading

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Sieg Heil Tifatul Sembiring!

Unspun missed this piece of news but Nizam over at Multibrand caught it and good job he did. Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, who was interesting for the first month or two as a minister plugged into the social … Continue reading

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Onliners 1: Minister 0

Tifatul Sembiring made a debut as Indonesian Information Minister by courting bloggers. Two days after his appointment as minister he accept an impromptou invitation and showed up at Pesta Blogger 2009 to open the event. There he promised freedom of … Continue reading

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