The Bishops Conference of Indonesia (KWI) has wisely decided not to ban Catholics from watching the movie Da Vinci Code. This decision is at odds with the Vatican which banned the faithful from watching the movie for fear that they would be led astray by Hollywood.

The KWI’s decision is based on its assumption that Catholics in Indonesia are mature enough and that forbidding them to watch the movie would only increase their desire. One wonders what goes on in the minds of those of the Vatican.

You’d have thought that they had learned something about the Principle of Scarcity from the days when Adam and Eve were romping around Eden.

2 thoughts on “Indonesian Catholics smarter than Vatican

  1. I believe Vatican has their own idea about the issue.

    But I also believe that Da Vinci, one way or another, can be also seen as “just” a movie, an entertainment. And everybody has right to assert their own opinion.

    On the other hand, religion is something personal, but also human-made for certain purpose, that I find myself confortable having a religion. The purpose is for good thing, and personal.

    So, it’s a movie. It’s also up-to-you to relate it to religion or not.


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