Respite in France

My client Airbus is flying me to Tolouse for a Technical Press Briefing. Each year they bring journalists, and their PR consultants, from all the world to their headquarters in the south of France to brief them on the latest developments in Airbus and the aviation industry.

I usually take a break afetr that before coming back to Indonesia. Last year I went up to Aulus le Bain in the Pyrenees to do some mountain biking. The biking was great, but I endo-ed and tore a calf muscle. I ended up with a brace and limping through the Loire valley. Fortunately I had a couple of friends living in Chinon with a very nice house overlooking the river in Chinon. So I spent the next couple of weeks recuperating by drinking lots of  French wine (I was told t's theraupetic) and eating French food, reading lots of books and having long conversations with my friends. I suppose there are worse ways to spend a vacation.

This year I'm going to act my age and eschew vigorous sports. I'll be meeting my friends in Gourdon, near the Lot river, instead. The region was apparently once very active as Brits and Frogs killed off each other as part of the national sport. Its now distinguished by its beautifu villagers.

So what this means is that I'll try to post if I can get internet accessand wrestle with the French keyboard (their characters are all in differnt places, another plot by the French to confuse the rest of the world). I'll also be taking lots of photographs with my Canon and new 70-300 lens so I hope to post some of them.  back around 26th or so.

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