Blogger Indonesia, aka A. Fatih Syuhud, has probably done more than anyone I know to encourage people in Indonesia to blog in English so that they may be windows through which the World could see Indonesia as a multifaceted country.

So it is with some honor that yours truly has been named Blogger of the Week (49) in his blog. Each week, Fatih, highlights an Indonesian blogger in his blog. Given the traffic his blog receives and the number of people linked to his blog, this is very good exposure.

Like Fatih, I believe we should have more people in Indonesia blogging in English (or Spanish or Chinese) so that the world would not have this stereotype of Indonesia as a basket case infested with Islamic terrorists and corruption only. Indonesia is much, much more than that, and since the government is doing such a bad job publicising its diversity, a corps of bloggers can do so much more effectively – but they have to do it in English (or Spanish or Chinese) to reach a wider audience outside Indonesia.
Fatih helped me to get off the ground when I first started blogging with good advice and encouragement and has been doing so ever since in one way or another. And he has been extremely kind with his words in the Blogger of the Week posting. So a big Thank You Fatih.

I must point out, however, that I am not Indonesian. I was born and raised in a neighboring country and lived and worked in many others, but have chosen to make Indonesia my adopted home because I like the people here, the fact that it is by and large a free country where people can express themselves and, in spite of all its shortcomings, I think Indonesia has tremendous potential.

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