Mahathir: The irony and the agony

Back in May Unspun blogged about the Irony of being Mahathir with the thrust of the argument that because Mahathir is incapable of appreciating irony, he is destined to play out a tragedy in which everyone else but him realizes his shortcomings. As such, his downfall is imminent to all but himself.

With Mahathir’s defeat in his own constituency to become a delegate in the UMNO assembly, that tragedy has come to pass. What will Mahathir do next? No one really knows but several paths suggest themselves: One is that he will withdraw and become a recluse. This is unlikely, given the character of the man.

The other path, which seems likely, is that he will continue to speak out. But his voice will become more shrill and insignificant by the day. He will likely end up a much more bitter old man if he chooses this path.

There is, however, an alternative and I wish he would take this path because he still can do much for society. This path is one taken by former US president Bill Clinton and highlighted in the latest issue of Fortune.

Like Clinton Mahathir has gravitas, a knack for getting publicity, a keen mind and a con do attitude. If he is to being these assets to work for social causes, say HIV/AIDS or drug abuse in Malaysia, he is likely to be able to make significant progress and changes to the welfare of the victims.

Otherwise, the descent continues.

2 thoughts on “Mahathir: The irony and the agony

  1. I wouldn’t count him out just yet. This formidable character has a history of rising from the ashes and being at his best in the face of adversity. This is the part of him that has won grudging admiration even from his most vocal critics.

    My bet is still on Tun.

    Even if Tun does not get his platform to voice what he thinks is wrong, AAB has lost by default through his son-in-law and Scomi. People who had placed their hopes in AAB do not see transparency but an increasing layer of opaqueness about him. He is in a quagmire.


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