Priyadi in the flesh

Workshop Indocomtech 2006

We’ve always admired Priyadi’s Place and when my colleagues and I, who are also bloggers, got the chance, attended the Indocomtech workshop on advanced blogging with WordPress. Priyadi is second from right.

That event has promoted us to think that we should perhaps organize a gathering for bloggers, which will be conducted both in English and Indonesian. Is there any interest out there for it?

3 thoughts on “Priyadi in the flesh

  1. Count me in for a BlogMeet. I’ve co-ordinated two so far, both in Jalan Jaksa, which expat bloggers came to. Now that there’s greater synergy between the two language blogospheres it makes sense to meet up.

    We could make a very ‘powerful’ force for reformasi.


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