Clueless in Jababeka

Whatever its shortcomings, The President Post that we blogged about before does not fail to amuse and intrigue. The latest issue that my office received is the 4-10 September edition. It is all in Indonesian because it is – claims a badge on the front pager a “Special edition: Indonesian language.”

Does this mean that its an exception, a one off printing in Indonesian or will the next edition not be special and revert to English? And what does this mean for the paper’s masthead that proclaims it as a “bilingual newspaper”?  No information in the paper, so I went to the website instead. No information there but it did have this message:

“The President Post is the newspaper of you. With the aim to provide
excellent information for business leaders, governors, and

There is no “about” page in the website. Nor does it have a link to contact the paper, except a defuncting box titled advertising. Are these guys in communications or what?

Curiouser and curiouser. I couldn’t resist and phoned the Marketing and Public Relation (sic) person  who signed a letter to the “Dear readers…” A Satpam-like voice answered and said no one was in the office because they had an acara outside, call back later…

I looked at the letter and got some information: The Post is apparently now a weekly paper but “but will soon be availiable daily.” Effective September 1 the Post will be avaliable upon subscription for Rp216,000 for 6 months or Rp432,000 for 12 months.

Cheap enough…if you want to take the risk that they would still survive as a newspaper in 6-12 months. I’m not taking bets.

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