Waste of energy

Malaysian blogger Rocky’s Bru has posted about how a Malaysian company is losing lots of dosh because of their blunder with Tenaga Coal in Indonesia. Rocky talks of a Robert Priantono Bonosusatyabut I have no information about him. Anyone out there has info on this Robert chap?

US$100 million bail-out. The board of directors of GLC Tenaga Nasional Berhad has approved a scheme to help get CK out of a massive mess in Indonesia.

The board met two days to discuss ways of bailing out its CEO and President Cik Khalib Mohd Noh, or CK, from a series of blunder dealing with TNB Coal’s Indonesian partners, especially the man they unaffectionately called Pak Robert. [refer to my earlier postings on July 31 here and on Aug 4 here]

Robert Priantono Bonosusatya comes on top in this bail-out with US$34 million. Interestingly, this payoff will be forwarded to Pak Robert, in two instalments, by Singapore-based Noble Energy Inc.

CIMB is also in the picture. The Board had earlier (on Aug 25) decided to
engage Credit Suisse First Boston to look into the mess but decided
that CIMB was, well, cheaper.

2 thoughts on “Waste of energy

  1. This Robert is notoriously known in Indonesia as trouble maker, in shorts he makes money by creating problems. He’s been known hire a lot of military people to threaten, bully and take over innocent people’s businesses. In spite of all his tactics he owes a lot people money including Noble Energy and TNB and some well conected businessmen.

    History of PT. Dasa Eka Jasatama (DEJ) when TNB decided to join Robert, they had to pay a lot of his debts that he created by him self over the years where Noble Energy was the syndycate loan arranger.

    There was a lot of mark up and “pay off” among those 3 groups that was involved. This is why DEJ project untill now remains very sick because there was a lot of cover ups among them these 3 parties.

    In fact there are a lot of legal issues facing PD. Baramarta the real concession owner where DEJ is only a contractor.

    It should be asked ‘WHY TNB AND NOBLE DARE TO THROW MORE MONEY TO ROBERT WHILE THE PD BARAMARTA’s Concession can be CLOSED down by the Indonesian government at anytime due to legal issues ???


  2. I support Robert. Who dares defy me in Indonesia? I practically own the Army. I can burn down the entire textile centre and drives people out to build condos. So what?
    I sit at AutoMall and puppet master my scheme. Corruptions? Yes! But of course. I bribe anyone that is of use to me.
    Sugianato and I rule JKT. Who dares win. Haven’t you commoners heard of such saying?
    My house in Ancol is the shrine of Generals and Politicians who come to me for money and favors. Polda Metro Jaya is my playground. KPK is my backyard. I am only 48. The world is my oyster.
    I support Robert. Those who oppose him oppose me. Who dares?


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