I’m sorry I’m Malaysian

There are times when it is so embarrassing to be a Malaysian.

Never mind that Malaysia has passed off buying two Sukhoi jets to defend its airspace and instead  used the money to send two astronauts into space. War is stupid and the can do spirit shoudl be encouraged and all that. Malaysia boleh!

So with this swap Malaysia gets  an opportunity to send two of its best and  brightest into space. And what would the government have them do?

Well, according to Screenshots and MageP’s Lab, the astronauts will…

…spin top (gasing) and toss “batu seremban’ (five-stone game) as part of an experiment during his space travel.

The astronauts will also paint a batik motif and make ‘teh tarik’ (‘pulled’ tea) which would be shared with fellow astronauts from other country.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry parliamentary secretary
Rohani Abdul Karim. Rohani, who was representing the Science,
Technology and Innovation Ministry at the parliament, said the outcome
of the experiments — gasing, batu seremban, batik, teh tarik et al — would be studied on earth “with the hope that it would unravel the mysteries in science, education and medicine”.

Once can only hope that the next Nobel Prize for scientific discovery go to malaysia for these mysteries revealed. The Indonesians have two good words to describe this type of thinking: kampungan and norak.

Anyone rading this please understand that politicians in Malaysia are a less evolved species than homo sapiens. Most of us Malaysians are not so kampungan, norak and inane. Really!

12 thoughts on “I’m sorry I’m Malaysian

  1. im totally disagree wit the topic, should not be sorry by becoming a malaysian…its a very negative word
    if the govern policy is wrong, we should be proud as malaysian as what we did until now to change by protesting against the govern’s policy
    although i oso agree its a waste of ppl’s money but on the issue of teh tarik things…i really think its not kampung minded
    dont want to comment on those indons word…really dont understand what it means


  2. @Kamarul: Sorry but that’s how I feel. I was born there. So were three generations of my family before me. I like many aspects of Malaysia and on one level am grateful for all its given me.

    But these days I do not recognize the country any more. There is too much hypocrisy and righteous indignation in the country. Tolerance is gone. Few people are happy. Every time I return to Malaysia for a visit I end up feeling sad and disappointed with the way things have become. I wish it was ohterwise, afterall, Malaysia is where I grew up and have family and friends.


  3. Well, unspun, when you next go “ex-home” (meaning Malaysia) You are always welcome to give me a call and we can go teh-tarik and such. Aren’t you coming over in December? Just say when…..


  4. @unspun: of course everybody will have bad experience anywhere…tell u my story…last time b4 i enter the U, me and my father go to KL for some opposition’s protest after the anwar’s sack…i really got to taste those acid water from the water cannon truck…my father got beaten…that acid water really pedih OoOo really have to pour lot of pipe water for hours…one of my cousin oso being locked up…not to mention my other experience with NEP, the AUKU and how students being treated as political enemies

    but hey honestly to tell ya…i never feel sad or sorry for my country…like the malay says “hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri” becoz i really feels the nationhood spirit…how we fight together malays and nonmalays agaist NEP, against AUKU…im proud that i have this here in my country…and we dont simply do it without our brains, have to do it cleverly lah…believe me the UMNO ppl will go down no matter how, no matter when…just wait and see

    last Uni Rap Council election, we go on by new strategies…we even seludup our candidates as those proUMNO candidates…we secretly stealed their money for campaign, use their ppl, use their jentera…at last the mainstream media reported aspirasi (proUMNO) candidates won most in public u…the hell they NOT, we have WON really…and they DONOT know haha hehe…dats how we do it the clever way…its damn worth it 🙂


  5. dont want to comment on those indons word…really dont understand what it means

    @ kamarun, I think many indonesians (even malaysian) have told you that the indonesians doesn’t like the term ”indon” as it deragotory and have negative connotation. You can’t force keep using the word if the people you regard to doesnt like it. Pakistani wouldn’t like being called Paki/s as the american african doesn’t like being called “Niger”. A malaysian blogger, fairy madhzan put it nicely in her blog about this issue. You should have a look at her blog, my.indo.com



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