Kalla on graft and civil servants

Vice President Jusuf Kalla has told the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) that we (who’s this we?) are all for the anti-corruption movement but please do not spark extraordinary fear.”  He says this fear is slowing down the decision making process in government as nobody wants to make a decision lest they be accused of corruption.

Kalla is not known for perspicacity but in this instance he is right. Civil servants are so afraid of making any decisions now that little gets decided on. Projects are stalled.

The answer, of course, is not a slow down of the KPK’s work. In fact, they should continue doing a good job in keeping civil servants afraid. Rather, it lies in the Government balancing out the KPK’s efforts and any overzealous actions with a justice system that is swift, fair and transparent.

It’s back to legal certainty that is the biggest need for the business community in Indonesia. Without legal certainty that is also swift and transparent, there will not be much investment coming in, the corrupt will bide their time before emerging again once the KPK runs out of steam and the Indonesian taxpayer will continue to be screwed.

So back to you Kalla: You’re No.#2 in the government. Get it to give ther nation legal certainty, fast. Or stop complaining.

2 thoughts on “Kalla on graft and civil servants

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