The House continues Golkar foreplay on sex video lawmaker

Golkar, we are told in the newspapers today, has kicked sex video lawmaker Yahya Zaini off the party’s central board and relieved him of his post as spiritual affairs department head as well as faction secretary.

Good for Golkar. It may have been a bit late but it has at least acted. We are now also told that the House disciplinary council would launch a probe that could lead to Yahya’s dismissal as a lawmaker.

Lunch a probe? Probe what? Is it a wonder that nothing gets solved in this country with  these guys  shuffling about doing everything but important stuff?

In the meantime, why is council chairman Slamet Effendy  debating the finer points on the matrimonial status of Yahya and his sex romp partner Maria Eva? Maria has said she refused to marry Yahya because she did not believe in polygamy. Gofigure where our tax rupiahs go.

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