Press release for the times?

UPDATE: Check out Strumpette’s wicked spoof of Edelman’s efforts here. I think every Pr person should read this blog, if nothing else because it unspins an industry that often takes its own spin seriously.

Edelman has just debuted its Storycrafter, a press release for the “social media”. That’s PR-ese for a internet press release that tries to take into account technological developments such as blogs, Technorati searches, multimedia etc.

Interesting concept and generating a bit of debate. One wonders if it woould be applicable in Indonesia. Check it out here but also pay attention to the comments.

2 thoughts on “Press release for the times?

  1. I gave it a spin. Thankfully the bullshit started early in the piece, so I didn’t waste too much time on it. A prime nugget: “…brands are beginning to cede control to consumers…”
    Er, right.
    Funny biz you’re in, unspun.


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