The “akan” Government strikes again

One of the most trenchant analysis of the Indonesian Presidency Unspun’s heard of comes from a newspaper executive.

“We call him the akan President,” says the executive. “It’s always akan this or akan that. But nothing really happens. It’s a bit like waiting for Godot with this president.”

Today the xecutive’s words return to haunt Unspun when he read in the newspapers that the Indonesian government says it is hopeful to attract more investment next year because of all the things it has done to improve policy, infrastructure and laws.

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), to its credit, is not buying any of this talk: The government should, it said, concentrate on implementing policies instead of satisfying target deadlines.

KADIN couldn’t be more right. Ths government is so good at talking the talk and not walking the walk that it’s becoming a joke. It has great speechwriters, it would seem, but no implementors. At very opportunity SBY and his officers talk about what they akan do and then nothing gets done.

Investors are not stupid people: they want to see action and results, not hear empty talk. Until the government gets this, investment is something that akan happen in Indonesia but, like Godot, will never arrive on these shores.

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