Unspun is glad he is living outside his homeland, Malaysia. While he loves the place (and of course the food) he thinks that Malaysians have gone real anal, a bit like their neighbor below.

Now comes news that Malaysian bloggers (Screenshots and Rocky’s Bru) are being sued for their postings by, of all people, journalists. So much for the cut and thrust of intellectual parrying to arrive at a greater truth, and the ability of offended parties to instantly respond to correct any untruths in blogs.

Judging from the comments posted on their blogs the Malaysian bloggers may be mobilizing a legal defence fund to take on the plaintiffs. Rocky correctly states that everyone is going into “unchartered waters” with this legal action.

How do you sue bloggers whose blogs are domiciled elsewhere and where the plaintiffs had the right to correct an erroneous posting through the comments section? Unspun has no answers. Perhaps there is a legal maven out there who can enlighten us?