Anybody home? Minister finally begins to coordinate food distribution

Bisnis Indonesia reports today that Trade Miniser Mari Pangestu says she will meet with relevant authorities, businessmen and retailers TODAY so that she can have accurate information on the food distribution situation as regards to the floods in the Greater Jakarta area.

While it is good that something is being done Unspun cannot help but marvel at the sense of urgency of this government.  Four days after the massive floods begin, nearly 200,000 made homeles, huge logistics problems regarding food and water distribution and the Minister is finally holding a meeting to get information? Did she have to wait until Monday? Why can’t it have been done over the weekend? A clash with the salon appointment?

But why is the Trade Minister getting into the shindig anyway? With most of Jakarta underwater (a radio report yesterday said 80% of north Jakarta was already under) and so many homeless, not to mention at least 20 deaths, what we have here is clearly a disaster of vast proportions. Jakarta should be declared a disaster area and come under national government control with one person or body controlling and directing all the relief and rescue efforts. But who? Nobody’s home, it seems.

6 thoughts on “Anybody home? Minister finally begins to coordinate food distribution

  1. Ujang: Probably not. I’d probably say something sexist like “had to get through his 36 holes of golf” or “appointment with masseuses”. It is sexist in that different sexes at least in Indonesia tend to gravitate to different activities (look at the salons around Senopati during a weekend for empirical proof). Is it stereotyping? Probably yes if you chose to split hairs rather than to focus on the thrust of the posting, which is, the tardiness of the Minister’s response.

    To maintain focus Unspun pleads guilty to a lapse of political correctness. But Unspun must also point out that “cheap shot” is also a cheap shot when it comes to arguments because it is judgemental.


  2. Ben: Hehe. You’d be grumpy too if you see so much incompetence as Jakarta sinks.

    You’re right. FEMA was disastrous during Katrina but if I’m not mistaken that’s because the idiot George W decided to stuff the top position with his crony, who was no better than him.

    Crony then displays true potential to fulfill Murphy’s Law when katrina struck. I think that they got rid of the crony and put someone with a brain in the position by now. FEMA worked brilliantly during 9/11 tho.


  3. bugger it, what’s this fuss about being politically correct everywhere?

    Ujang, it’s two people you’re calling for cheap shots now, i’m waiting for your next update man!!! :p


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