Interesting that Greenstump now considers WALHI a “discredited environmental group“, and when doing so he puts a link to Unspun’s posting on Walhi and Newmont. In that posting Walhi refused to accept turned down  an invitation to explain its very serious allegations to the Blogosphere, even when given the opportunity to frame the conversation by starting a new thread of discussion.

Unspun‘s written before that blogs have the capacity to create a more level playing field, especially for businesses that can sometimes be attacked by less-than-fair NGOs. Big businesses are particularly vulnerable because of the general skepticism toward them by the public, so if it’s a shouting match between NGOs and Big Business, the latter usually loses as the public would rather believe the NGOs.

With blogs, however, NGOs can be invited to explain their allegations. And if they fail to do so they they rapidly lose their credibility, I would say, first in the Blogosphere and then later in the mainstream media. Unspun and Greenstump‘s postings will be staying on the Net forever for the world to see. Ironically, “the World is Watching” used to be the chant of NGOs and activists against Big Government and Big Business.

Unspun wonders: if Walhi is so shy, shouldn’t its worldwide sponsor and mentor Friends of the Earth take on the responsibility and help all of us arrive at the truth? Or do they not do accountability and responsibility for allegations made as well?