I have a dream…

…that one day Unspun‘s country will have a leader who, like President Susilo Bambang Yudhono, will be able to stand before the people and say that there is no longer any difference between Pribumis and non-Pribumis in his country.

As quoted in Media Indonesia today, President SBY told a gathering commemorating the 50th anniversary of the cooperation between Indonesia and China that all races in the country now enjoyed equality because IOndonesian society was now progressively more open and cohesive.

Long-time observers of Indonesia will know that in the past Indonesia has seem much racial strive between the Pribumis and the Chinese as th latter were denied citizen rights, even though they were the fourth generation or more to be born in Indonesia.

Recently, however, there have been legislative changes an, more importantly, attitudinal changes resulting in Indonesian Chinese enjoying a level of equality that their counterparts in other countries can only dream of (even in corruption – everyone is hit equally).

Bestowing equality among citizens of different ethnic origins is one thing that the Indonesians and President SBY should be given full credit for.

4 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. I agree with you there – although it may take some time to end deeply held racial prejudices held by some sections of the population. At the end of the day racism is only a cancer that holds back the economy – to the detriment of everyone.


  2. How is it true that racism holds back the economy ? In fact it’s racism that motivates ‘successful minorities’ everywhere.

    Jews in Mediaeval Europe couldn’t own land or enter the professions- then they built businesses and produced a disproportionately large number of scientists, financiers and scholars. Likewise, the Chinese in Indonesia have had similar forces at work. And not just them, on a smaller scale Minangkabau and Bataks in Jakarta, and Christian overall as groups show signs of overachieving.

    Historians have studied this phenomena as an ‘entreprenerial class’ that kick-starts economic growth.

    No one’s saying it’s right. Or that it’s high time for legal equality. Just that racism and economic success can go hand-in-hand. Ask a long-time Korean in Japan.


  3. p.s. — I meant no-one’s saying it’s not high time for legal equality for the ‘non-pris’. Also, U.K., U.S.A, saw religious minorities prominent entreprenerial classes.


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