An evening with Dr Love

What’s the dinner conversation like with Singapore’s self-styled sex guru who goes by the name of Dr Love?

Unspun had a chance to find out when he was invited to dinner at a friend’s in Menteng last night. The other dinner guests were NGO types who had shelved their Birkenstock sandals and woolen socks, and shaved their armpits and legs, for the occasion. Here’s how it went:

Dr Love was late and while waiting for dinner to served we thumbed through Love Airways, a publication that Dr Love’s website claims is Singapore’s first sex edutainment magazine. The blurb claims that the magazine is about “adult communication content made by doctors, celebrities, models, sexy people, bloggers, animal lovers, masseuse, sexperts, body painters, yoga teachers, cheer leaders, you, me and many more!” which is just about accurate.

The magazine was full of pictures, anecdotes, stories and advice about sex and young people getting together, in line with the Singapore Government’s attempt to get more of its young people to jig jig and make more babies, for fear that they would be overrun by Malaysia or Indonesia if they do not make enough young ‘uns.

There were also lots of photos of Singaporeans trying to be sexy and kinky, including one issue focussing on a party where leather and bondage seem to be the theme. It all left Unspun wondering whether Singapore must be the only place where you have to sex up sex; all other places Unspun knows are trying to dampen the Dark Urge.

All issues of the magazine featured an eccentric and sometimes goofy looking Dr Love in outlandish gear and poses, and his trademark trendy/nerdy glasses. Unspun was begining to wonder what sort of a guy this Dr Love is when we moved to the dinner table and, shortly after, saw Dr Love arriving, replete with apologies because he had underestimated the traffic jam between Kemang and Menteng.

Up close, Dr Love is Dr Wei Siang Yu, who started life as a “medical inventor” and moved on to become the self-styled sex guru that is Dr Love. Sporting his glasses on his forehead, Dr Love is actually very engaging and funny in person. And oh the stories he could tell about is business…

dr-love.jpgHis business, as he describes it, is all about “love, sex and babies.” Into this neat soundbite is a shrewd business strategy. Using himself as a brand icon, Dr Love fronts a business concern involving phones that tell you about the biological changes in your body (that Dr ove invented), a sex advice via sms service, a radio show , a TV show and Love Airways which organizes hot, sexy parties (at least by Singapore standards), sex toys, love boats and love planes and a sex educatainment magazine.

It is the sms sex advice service that brings Dr Love to Indonesia. Soon he’ll be launching the service in Indonesia and at the launch phase of the service he’ll have about 20 top Indonesian sex doctors responding to sms questions about sex. Indonesia’s the fourth market he’ll be penetrating. He’s already launched the service in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

And after the launch of the sms service? Dr Love will organize his famous hot sexy parties in Jakarta, probably holdng the first one at X2. And then he plans to organize a Love Plane of throbbing single Singaporeans to Jakarta and probably Bali (a possible glitch to Dr Love’s plans though. The Indonesian women Unspun knows all say they aren’t too hot on the idea of making jiggy with Singaporean men. Too Ah Beng, they said. One complained that of the 60 of so Singaporean men she knows, she found only two attractive. One was married, the other was gay. Unspun wonders of Dr Love has a potion to make Indonesian women less critical).

Unable to contain his curiousity Unspun asked Dr Love what were some of the way out questions his sms sex advice service has had to field.

“Oh it’s older men wanting to know if it’s all right if they masturbate themselves by massaging their postate glands,” said Dr Love nonchalantly, going on to explain that many elderly men find the sensation pleasing when, in their advanced age, they had to go to the doctor for an examination of whether they might have postate cancer.

Many of them, who no longer have sex partners, find that they liked the sensation and continue doing it to themselves, he added.

Unspun thinks at this stage you, dear reader, would have an inkling of how the rest of the dinner conversation went. Unspun left the dinner with this phrase ringing in his ears: “golf balls bad, ping pong balls good…”

5 thoughts on “An evening with Dr Love

  1. Indcoup: Yep! Every bit except for the reference to Birkenstocks and hairy legs and armpits. Unspun must admit to some poetic license there.


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