Indonesia’s first professional blogger?

Budi Putra, the journalist-blogger who contributes to or maintains the blogs CNET Asia, Asia Tech, 3GWeek, The Gadget, Indonesia Tech and Blog Jurnalisme is leaving his place of work for the past few years, Tempo.

The reason? As he told the Tempointeraktif and Maverick blogs, he’s trading in his career in Tempo for life as an independent writer and blogger. He’ll still be contributing to the Tempointeraktif blog though.

Congrats Budi, for having the courage to take this step into something new and perhaps to show others the way toward a career in the emerging new media.

8 thoughts on “Indonesia’s first professional blogger?

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  1. I still recall a conversation with Budi somewhere in January when he told me about his plan to quit.

    Still I’m so surprised by his move which I thought as very BOLD.

    All the best for you, Pak Budi. I really envy your ‘courage’ and I’m quite sure you will find more interesting things ahead..


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