Garuda’s Emirsyah doing right by victims, families and the public

It is a difficult time for Garuda but its Presdient Director Emirsyah Satar must be commended for doing a good job in handling the aftermath of the Flight GA 200 crash.

Since the crash Emirsyah has been visible on television and accessible to a large extent to the media, accepting responsibility for the incident, expressing his sympathy and condolences to the families and explaining what Garuda is doing to ease the burden and suffering of the victims and their families.

His visibility and public performance is such a  difference from the performance of his counterpart in Adam Air over KI 574 that it was no wonder that Garuda was perceived to be a few classes over the other  LCCs in Indonesia.

The crash has shaken many people’s confidence in aviation travel and Garuda but if Ermansyah keeps on doing the right thing by its passengers Garuda has a good chance of restoring the confidence that was jolted when GA 200 crashed and burst into flames yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Garuda’s Emirsyah doing right by victims, families and the public

  1. I don’t mean to be wet blanket, but for “the unspun blog” this sure looks and smells like spin control… especially when coupled with the glowing remarks made about its management’s response.

    An illusion of safety by Garuda? A standard bearer for others to model?

    Maybe I’m too cynical or maybe I don’t forget things as easily as others, but Garuda has a horrendous record, WAY before this latest disaster.


    –Garuda’s safety record ranks 77th out of 87 of the largest airlines in the world.

    –Garuda has been killing an average of 14 people/year over last 3 decades — not including their suspected complicity in the murder of Munir.


  2. Rich: I think you might be wetting the old blanket.

    While it is important to unspin mercilessly the pompous and the spin doctors, I think its also important to give credit when it is due.

    I think Emirsyah has done well by crisis communications standards this instance. This has little to do with Garuda’s past – Emirsyah wasn’t in charge then.

    Garuda is also the standard bearer in the Indonesian aviation industry – although this merely means that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.


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