MTB’s latest salvo: but what’s the issue?

Update 10.25pm: As Unspun predicted the backlash has begun. Just look at the comments to Indonesian news portal’s posting on Nila. They are overwhelmingly, save one person, critical of Malaysia and the TV station that terminated Nila. I am so embarassed by Tengku and the MTB and so should most Malaysians.

I am posting this from my mobile so it is going to be brief. My sister sms’d me this afternoon saying that the DG of the Malaysian Tourism Board wrote to The Star today saying that Indonesian blogger Nila Tanzil was out of line with her requests. The implication is that they were professional and she lied.

This is unfair and presposterous to blame the troubles of a department and minister on one lone blogger.

At this stage what Nila said is no longr the issue. The real issue is the behavior of the Tourism Minister and the MTB who dug their own holes by being in denial and pissing off all bloggers, especially women bloggers.

Now they are trying to shift the blame on to an Indonesian blogger. What will happen instead is that they will piss off all Indonesian bloggers.

As a Malaysian I apologize to all Indonesian bloggers for the stupidity and obtuseness of my country’s leaders and civil servants. Goblok bener!

14 thoughts on “MTB’s latest salvo: but what’s the issue?

  1. Unspun,
    I am really sorry for Nila. she suffers yet again. I apologise to all Indonesian bloggers too for the stupid and spiteful behaviour of our ministers. Its time all bloggers join hands to reject this crap from our society. surely a day will come for blogger-raya 🙂


  2. I am an American and newly arrived in Malaysia just two weeks now. I share the outrage of this injustice against Nila and others who speak-out for truth and justice. Let this incident be a warning to those who hold power and deny the basic human rights of others, judgement day is fast coming. United we stand…fight on!


  3. Stupid Tengku. Stupid MTB. With all the resources they have, they have to pick on a lone blogger. Just admit the mistakes, apologise, invite Nila back for another better organised trip and life goes on, less all these problems.

    But no, they had to finger-point someone!


  4. I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with some ministries in Malaysia and believe me, these buggers are only good at finger pointing. I’m truly sorry that Nila had to experience the inefficiencies of these people who are not willing to go the extra mile. I hope this will not damper Nila from visiting M’sia again.


  5. By the way, it appears that it may be optional to address the Malaysian Minister of Tourism as “Tengku”:

    “Incidentally, to digress a bit, according to his Register of Birth number 100502, Tengku Adnan was born in the Melaka General Hospital at 6.10am on 20 December 1950 as Adnan bin Mansor. On 20 December 1962, at the age of 12, Adnan bin Mansor was issued an identity card number 4079409 in the name of Adnan bin Mansor. This identity card was reissued on 3 March 1969 when Adnan bin Mansor reached the age of 18, as required by law.

    On 3 October 1972, Adnan bin Mansor changed his name to Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor while he also changed the name of his father from Mansor bin Hj Baba to Tengku Mansor bin Tengku Hj Baba. With one swoop, three generations became members of the Melaka Royal Family; that is if Melaka does have a royal family.

    On the same day, 3 October 1972, Adnan bin Mansor was issued a new identity card in the name of Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor. Less than two years later, on 2 April 1974, his father too was issued a new identity card, number 3983336, in the name of Tengku Mohammed Mansor bin Tengku Haji Baba.”

    This was reported by in Malaysia Today some time ago.

    But. of course, this is another blog and as we know – All bloggers are liars and 80% of them are unemployed women.

    Sigh! If only the truth would prevail…


  6. Hey guy’s… i think there something that stinkd here.. mr. gun that was the produser of nila has sent his comment about nila;s case that clarifecates that Nila’s said is 100% true., he also Gives his comment for blogger to keep telling the truth..! .

    Here’s my point…
    1. “Is SCTB try to wash their hands about this matter by sending the letter to MTB ?”.. or is it or is it mr. Gun that want to wash his hand?
    2. what’s wrong whith these guy’s ? …. Are they affraid to tell the truth about this matter?
    I think it’s obvius that Nila’s complaint is true, and MTB ,Mr. Gun , even the Minister with the one who responsible for giving such trouble to nila and the crew.
    By stop accusing that Nila’s complaint is not true, with this step everyone will have their chance to think and not doing their mistakes again in the future.
    NOBODY is Perfect, and There is NO such INSTITUSION is Perfect also.
    Without Critic and mistakes we aren’t getting anywhere, so face them wisely… By denying them it shown that u are a foolish person which lack of competence for solving problem wisely



  7. Our government ‘servants’ will never admit their mistakes or faults…most of them didnt do well in high school and couldnt find a job elsewhere. Most off our Ministers were just fast talking school teachers… so blame shifting is normal… they must realise its about time they serve the people well and not themselves…


  8. Everydaymalay

    “Fast talking teachers”. What an apt description! *LOL* I can’t think of a better way of describing these politicians! Hahahaha….

    Thanks for the laugh. his really made my day.

    For those who are not privy to this joke, just look at the number of cikgu in UMNO.


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