Sin Chew says it did not misquote Adnan’s quote on bloggers

Susan Loone has managed to confirm with the Sin Chew reporter covering Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan when he was quoted saying that all bloggers are liars that the paper did not lie when quoting him.If Sin Chew did not lie, then Tengku Adnan must have lied, hich means that his accusation that the Indonesian blogger lied may have been a lie.

This is all getting rather complicated. Unspun needs some Bodrex…

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Sin Chew reporter said he did not lie

I’ve been in contact with the male reporter from Sin Chew daily, Long Yew Foo, who wrote the story about Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan’s comment which caused an uproar because he said that women bloggers were mostly unemployed, liars, cheats and “do not like national unity”.
I tell you now, I stand firm on what I wrote,” said the reporter, in an email to me this afternoon. I can sense his disappointment, now that questions about whether Sin Chew had lied is circulating around.
Apparently, Long had read Merdeka Review and they quoted me saying something to the effect that Sin Chew had lied. But I remember, I was simply asking the question. “Sin Chew, did you lie?

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