Metro TV edited out bloggers’ harsher remarks about Bolehsia Ministers

Unspun hears whisperings that Metro TV’s edited out the harsher comments of its guests Budi Putra and Wimar Witoelar in its e-liefestyle program yesterday when discussing Malaysian Ministers’ remarks about blogs.

Unspun‘s sources say the part edited out from Budi Putra’s remarks was when he said that Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan should apologize to Indonesian blogger Nila Tanzil, women and bloggers. Wimar’s remark that got the chop was when he said that both Adnan and Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin should be asked to step down over what they said.

Metro TV apparently felt that these remarks were a bit too strong for its neighbor’s ears

While on the subject of censorship Unspun‘s also heard that one of Wimar’s talkshows on JakTV, Wimar’s World may face the chop because remarks made by his guests had displeased the city’s highest official.

Wimar runs two shows on JakTV, the other being Gubenur Kita, which features stories surrounding the fair city of Jakarta and its fearless Mayor Sutiyoso. Apparently, the guv was not pleased by the less-than-adulatory remarks of some of Wimar’s guests, hnce KIYAAAAI! the chop was made. The irony was that  the remarks were made in Gabenur Kita, but Wimar’s World got the axe instead.

Funny world, this.

3 replies to “Metro TV edited out bloggers’ harsher remarks about Bolehsia Ministers

  1. So is it true that Wimar is getting the chop, or is it only being talked about right now? It would be too bad, a step back, but then he is pretty resilient and has bounced back from a lot of things in the past.


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