Malaysia’s TNB pulls out of Tenaga Coal?

In yet another case of Malaysian investment gone sour, Malaysian utility giant Tenaga Nasional Berhad may pull out of  TNB Coal  in  Kalimantan.  See the story here and further reports on the background of the deal here.
When will Malaysians learn that investing in Indonesia is not a stroll in the park, that while the rewards can be great, you got to know the place and the people well to make your investments work?

2 thoughts on “Malaysia’s TNB pulls out of Tenaga Coal?

  1. Hello bro’…

    Am back on the swampy fringes of Kaltim, plying my trade. Had a heady time back home in the company of the supergalaxie of superbloggers, namely sloone, rpk, rocky, jeff, eliwong, rpk, sheih …Some mentioned whether I’ve met you..but we’re as far away from each other as from KL lah! You can view the pictures I uploaded at my blog during the inaugral National Alliance where my dimunitive D40 traded blows with Jeffs D200! Oi, so malu, Pak….

    This post is a bit closer to home because I’m KITAS here in BPN. On my way to the rig, I often see the huge “Batu Bara” barges being towed to sea. Where exactly is Tthe NB mines Pak? I’ve bumped into some tenaga coal guys on flights but never went beyond small talk…so I suspect must be nearby…

    Anyway, the heads should have rolled and cracked long ago…..

    Best Wishes


  2. CK talks too lightly about Tenaga’s exit. when RM200 mil is reputed to be the sum lost. OPM – Other People’s Money, that is. The money of the people who pay taxes.


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