Guess who’ll be speaking at the ABC Media workshop?

It’s none other than Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, the Director General Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. His topic? The challenges of “Reaching out to the New Tourist”. One assumes the “New Tourist” is someone who reads blogs, like fellow speaker and blogger Kadir Jasin who would be, as the blurb says, expounding “on an intriguing topic ‘Blogging De-Mystified'” or perhaps Indonesian blogger and once TV presenter (until the MTB had their way) Nila Tanzil. Or horrors! The New Tourist could be “a highly sophisticated consumer who uses technology and the digital media to make decisions in many facets of his life” (see clip below).

Perhaps Kadir might want to ask Mirza to demystify the conundrum of how the MTPB can reach out to the New Tourist if it can’t handle a simple, solitary Indonesian blogger. whom they had treated shabbily. Also, it might help if Mirza can understand what sensible New Tourist, especially if said tourist is a woman and who reads blogs, would want to visit Malaysia with his minister wont to make silly remarks about women, which is plastered throughout the blogosphere.

Pay attention to the copywriting (probably by an adman, therefore unadulterated spin, therefore needs to be unspun) below (italics are Unspun‘s).

clipped from

XIII ABC MEDIA WORKSHOP, 17-20 MAY 2007-04-27 Jakarta
THEME: X’TINCT: Death of the Consumer

This workshop will showcase distinguished speakers and experts from the advertising, media, marketing and research industry.

These are industry leaders who have taken their organizations to embrace the challenges brought
about by the changing and evolving consumer environment.

The power of the brand today lies in the hands of the consumer. Marketers are accepting the fact that the consumer as we know him is already dead and what has
emerged is a highly sophisticated consumer who uses technology and the digital media to make decisions in many
facets of his life.

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4 thoughts on “Guess who’ll be speaking at the ABC Media workshop?

  1. They should have sent Ku Nan but, well … Mirza will have to offer his neck. It won’t be easy for him to wriggle his way out. I am sure people still remember how Nila Tanzil was lynched for trying to help. But Mirza is the better person to be there at the forum. If anyone, Mirza is the person who can clean up Malaysia’s battered image as a tourist attraction (as far as Nila and Indonesian bloggers are concerned). He works hard and is a person of integrity. My only hope is he goes there to speak as himself and not on behalf of politicians. If it’s going to be the latter, fry him!


  2. Rocky: I hear you bro, and Unspun wishes Mirza well. I think all of us would like to see many visitors coming to Malaysia and bring their tourist Euros (now that the dollar is continuing to plummet).

    He’s got his job cut out for him though with a Minister like Ku Nan and underlings like the monkeys they have in Jakarta. Someone, of they have the chance, should ask the Malaysian Tourist Promotion Board what became of their pitch for PR consultants in Jakarta. Its all gone quiet after they took out an ad in the local paper here.


  3. Yes, what became of the pitch for PR consultants for MTPB in Jakarta? Perhaps you should muscle your way in? Some ssues don’t die down so easily, so pardon the pun, Unspun, but knock some sense into their heads about the need for damage control and show them the way to properly woo visitors (NOT piss them off). That’s why PR is needed. Heck, BN should spend a bunch of money on PR hacks – just to cover their minister’s faux pas’, goofs, and outright bloopers. But imagine if only the “right” ministers were elected; smart and intelligents ones. Is that an oxymoron?


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