Russian ‘mafia’ in town?

It’s amazing the type of information when businesspeople get together. Unspun was in a committee meeting of a chamber of commerce this morning and these are some of the interesting information he’s heard:

  1. The Russian “Mafia” is in town. They are apparently trying to take over some huge business assets, some of which are owned by Temasek right now.
  2. Some investors are finding that once you set up processes, Indonesian workers actually perform very well, better than Chinese workers, in fact. A manufacturing firm here has been winning regional orders on the strength of that.
  3. The number of large advertisements in newspapers for senior executives has dropped by half since the beginning of the year.
  4. USAID chief Bill Frej is bound for Khazakhstan
  5. Where premans are concerned, a group from Ambon calling themselvesKey or Kei are active and are controlling the Kuningan area
  6. Bank Indonesia is putting the screws on foreign banks about employing foreigner. one of the reasons it is doing so is it believes this will help create jobs locally. The unemployed figure apparently is 40 million. The banks argue that unless they have adequate foreign senior workers they can’t expand their businesses and create employment. And so it goes.
  7. Businessmen are complaining that customs are holding up shipments during their clearing process. So some creative types are shipping them throughSumatran ports. It all depends on which contacts the transporters have and where their contacts have been posted to because the customs rotate their staff.
  8. Threat of terrorism down but there is still a need to be vigilant. Small bombs are in, big bombs out.
  9. The retail sector is looking good. There has been an upsurge of consumption over the past two months, according to one retailer.

Have very little idea of the veracity of some of these information, but I thought I’d pass them on.

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