Christ! Malaysian PM thinks Jesus was born on December 25?

The Boinq puts on a great rant, as a good blog should have. Unspun likes this spirited 21 year old Malaysian female. She seems to have enough common sense and passion to fill up a whole coterie of sycophants that usually cluster around prominent Malaysian politicians.

She’s also an eagle eye, spotting the Malaysian PM’s boo boo about Christ being born on Christmas Day, as in the quote below. Now, wasn’t Badawi touted as a religious scholar to be making mistakes like that (unless, of course, the ever nefarious and bumbling Press misquote him yet again).

Unspun thinks Badawi should take her up on her offer and get her to research stuff, and proofread, especially for only RM100 per hour. It’s a bargain.

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“There is a lot of similarities between Muslims and Christians, including in our beliefs in the prophets, but only the names are different.

“Muslims believe the birthday of Nabi Isa is on Dec 25 but we don’t celebrate it. We have the Hari Raya, and in fact there are many other dates of celebrations of prophets that we know (of), but we never celebrate.”

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4 thoughts on “Christ! Malaysian PM thinks Jesus was born on December 25?

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  1. Lina Joy has lost her battle but there is a war still to be won. Lina has inspired us to continue our struggle against Barisan lies, stupidity, oppression, religious extremism. We will achieve final victory and final victory will come when the Barisan dogs capitulate.


  2. We must continue to expose the lies of Barisan. We must continue to expose the treachery of these dogs. The Barisan judiciary has become a sick joke.


  3. What do you expect of the country when the leader is ignorant?

    No rants from me. Just straight to the point. AAB often doesn’t know what he’s saying. And I believe many suspect his actions are wayang.


  4. sometimes people think that they’re cleverer than others. but once they get to the top they’ll do the same. nobody is perfect. everybody has own opinion or view about something. really, nobody’s perfect. like bayi just said, “the leader is ignorant”. Bayi might be right on certain perspectives but on the other side, the leader of the country may not be ignorant. I’m not siding on anybody just sometimes when reading blogs of Malaysians, it sads me because it really proves what Prof. Khoo Kay Kim has said that orang Malaysia memang sangat lemah berfikir dan memahami konsep. What we need is a true discourse about the polemics in our country not slaying and slaming people around. That’s just pure ‘stone age’ in a gimic-tech form.


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