Dragon kills boy

Unspun was in the Komodo Islands a couple of years back for a diving trip and paid a visit to the Komodo Dragons at the Nature Reserve there.The Dragons don’t look good. They don’t smell good. But they are awe inspiring, powerful, primeval and mean looking.

The usual way they usually kill is also mean: they bite the victim and infect them with their highly toxic saliva. They they let the victim wander round until it does of toxic shock. It is only when the victim has died and a little ripe that they come and eat the flesh.

This incident where a Komodo Dragon killed the boy like a crocodile on dry land is therefore very unusual.

clipped from www.cnn.com
JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) — An eight-year-old Indonesian boy died after being attacked by a Komodo dragon in a national park in the east of the country, an official said.”The dragon bit his waist, tossed him and dragged him. His right leg was badly scratched,” Heru Rudiharto of the Komodo National Park said by telephone

He said the boy had been attacked on Saturday after entering a bush for a toilet stop in a fishing village in the national park on Komodo, an island 1,500 km (930 miles) east of the capital Jakarta.

His uncle, who had been mending fishing nets nearby, tried to free him by throwing stones at the dragon, he added.

“However, the boy bled to death half an hour after the attack,” added Rudiharto.

The official said it was rare for such attacks on humans, although in the dry season that started in April the dragon’s normal prey became more scarce.

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