Jakarta diving community abuzz with news of diver’s death

The diving community in Jakarta is abuzz with the strange circumstances surrounding the death of a diver in Pulau Seribu. The diver was apparently named Beatrix G and she apparently died over the weekend while diving  at a  divesite with a wreck in the Thousand Islands off Jakarta.

According to th chat in Yahoogroups Beatrixdied from narcosis and died at a depth of 35 meters. Narcosis  is caused when the body absorbs nitrogen from the water. The deeper you go the more and faster you absorb the nitrogen into your blood. A sudden ascent would cause the nitrogen to expand causing great pain or even death. That is why divers have to ascend slowly and allow time for themselves to decompress before surfacing.

One diver said he death raised several important questions, namely:

  1. Why was a dive group of 13 people in which Beatrix belonged, unaccompanied by a Dive Master or an instructor during the dive
  2. Apparently most of the divers in the group had only Open Water certification. How could they be allowed to dive to a depth 35 meters when normally inexperienced Open Water divers shoud dive to a dept of only 18 meters?
  3. How come her buddy did not help her if she was in difficulties. The talk in the diving community is that the group did not know she was missing and still underwater until an hou after everyone had surfaced.

The facts have still to be established but if what’s com up in the chat groups is true it looks like thi was a case of death by misadventure. If there were any diving instructors there then it would be a case of criminal negligence on their part for allowing such lax practices to take place.

Diving can be wonderful but it carries with it risks. A lot can go wrong underwater but you can dive safely if you follow the procedures set by the certification agencies.

Condolences to Beatrix and her friends and family. To other divers, Indonesia has fantastic dive sites but dive safely.

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