Advertorialize your way into hearts and minds?


Unspun has never figured out why people think that advertorials convince anyone.

Advertorials are essentially paid advertisements disguised as editorial content. You paid for it so you write what you want on it. Or pay professionals to write for you. Of course, since you paid, what gets written is positive for you and never negative. But does it convince anybody of your innocence, or the rightness of your cause or that your antagonists are wrong?

Unspun would be very interested to find out what’s the opinion out there on the advertorial below taken out by Newmont head Rick Ness. It was a half page advertorial in The Jakarta Post. The clip below constitutes half of the advertorial, the other half is the court judgment. Do people get convinced by such advertorials?

As always, Unspun wishes WALHI would take part in this discussion. They started the issue and they owe it to the public and their donors to come clean with what they think of things, now that Ness has been exonerated by the Manado High Court over allegations of polluting Buyat Bay.

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