Air Asia REALLY Sucks

Did Unspun say that Air Asia Sucks? Well, I take it back: Air Asia does not merely suck, it sucks big time.

I travel to Bali regularly and I use Air Asia not because, once you add in the taxes, it ischeaper than other airlines but because Garuda and other Indonesian airlines can’t get their electronic booking system in order.

Garuda’s website is moronic: once you log in you can only specify departure date (what if it is a return trip?) and once you key in the departure date you have an option of whether to find flight availability or fare information. Click on one and that’s the end of the road for you, you have to go back to the first page to start all over again. In this age when there are so many good electronic transaction websites around, it boggles the imagination how Indonesia’s national carrier cannot get something as simple as their website in order.

Air Asia, however, has a great website for booking and if you’re logged in as a member, it is very easy to buy yourself a ticket. But your problems only begin after you purchase this ticket, especially overt the past two months in in the Jakarta-Bali leg.

What has been happening is that Air Asia has been constantly canceling flights and putting their passengers on other flights. No real reason is given for these moves although they inform you of the rescheduling sometimes two days before the flight is due. That should rule out delays as there is no way they can know two days ahead that the flight is going to be delayed. That leaves two possibilities. First is that Air Asia is not filling the seats in certain fights so they are canceling any flight that is not full enough to make a buck and moving passengers to other flights to fill them up. More of the angkot mentality here.

The second possibility is the one given to me when I complained about th constant rescheduling of flights. Apparently one or two of their planes are in bad shape and need servicing and repairs. hence the change in flight times.

Whatever the reason Air Asia should make it a point to inform its customers of the reasons behind the reschedules. Not to do so is showing contempt, the same type that angkot drivers show to everyone else on the road.

I is for this reason that I have resolved to be more methodical in life. Garuda actually offers flights almost at the same price as Air Asia if you book far in advance enough. I guess I’ll have to get my act together and plan ahead to fly Garuda for the same price, instead of relying on Air Asia. Now Everyone can Fry while waiting for the rescheduled flights.

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  1. Unspun, very surprised to have heard of this from Indonesian Air Asia. I, my family, relatives and friends have flown Malaysian Air Asia to many destinations in Malaysia and ASEAN and all have had pleasant travel and on-time departures and arrivals. Even if there had been delays ( 30 minutes – quite acceptable for LCC’s ), the arrivals were on time! Surprisingly we never had the delays and problems you mentioned. I have also heard of such delays and problems from others in the press from time to time. My only complaint was that the snacks mentioned in the menu have on many occasions not been available and I had to be content with a drink.


  2. haha… “now everyone can Fry…”

    that’s correct. I once went with AirAsia to Bali to spend a weekend there and on the way there it was delayed 4hours. Okay, I thought things happen. So I forgave them.

    And then 3 days later when I got back from Bali to Jakarta, it was delayed again! For 4 hours again!

    Since then, I took a vow not to take Air Asia if not really really in emergency. Indonesian airlines are still rocking compared to this cheap low standard malaysian airline.


  3. You must know by now that Air Asia’s true motto is “You pay peanuts, we’ll treat you like monkeys”.

    The latest money-grubbing trick is Express Boarding – if you want priority boarding you must pay extra. If you are old, pregnant, travelling with children and don’t or can’t pay more, you join the crowd. And if you get knocked down in the mad rush for seats, well Air Asia will be happy to charge you for the wheelchair you require for the return flight. Brilliant!


  4. Unspun, how right you are, Air Asia sucks big time. It will be a cold day in hell before I fly Air Asia again. I can’t wait for them to go out of business.
    Their customer service model is “take the money first and then hide.” If you ever have a problem, too bad. There is never anybody responsible in sight to help you.
    My family and I were abused by an Air Asia station manager, who called me a liar, shouted obscenities at my wife in front of other passengers, and reduced our daughter to tears. Air Aisa’s response was to tell us to “send and email” to which we received nothing more than an auto-reply.
    After eight months of badgering we finally got a response which was nothing more than a denial of the facts, a cover up, making us the problem, and refusal to take any action. What a piece of sh*t airline.
    You are also right that Air Asia is not cheaper than other airlines once you add up all the costs. Once this myth is blown Air Asia will be out of business soon. Not too soon for me.


  5. My fiancee had 2 bad experiences with this airline. And the latest experience, just happened minutes ago. My fiancee flight to Kuala Terengganu is at 5 pm this afternoon. He got there at 4.30 because of the traffic and so on. When he went to the check-in counter one of the staff said, the counter is already closed. Then she ordered my fiancee to go to counter #16. So he went there, but one of them, scolded my fiancee and said passanger must check-in 45 minutes earlier before departing. My fiancee explained to her, but she kept on babbling and scolding him. What the F! Aren’t the staff should treat their customers politely? Yes, we admit that we are not a little bit late, but we didn’t do that purposely.. I really fed up with this airline. And one thing, their online tickeing booking is such a crap. If you are not carefully enough, you will be charged on the go insurance thing. They included the fare automatically in your fare tickets. And to remove that thing is also very tricky. They placeed it at the left corner of the screen, so tiny and confusing. If you are in hurry, you will be charged without even you noticing it. AIRASIA SUCKS!!


  6. I cant agree with all the bagging of AirAsia. But then travel on any carrier is an individule experience. In Australia we have a budget carrier called Virgin that operates very similar to AirAsia and many times the planes are late. It usually has to do with very tight turn-round schedules, one hickup and the whole day is full of late or cancelled conections. I have flown AirAsia many times to Cambodia, Bali, Jakarta, KL and found it great. The race for seats does not worry me as I have long legs which help me be first to the exit lane. The planes are new which adds to the safety of the travel


  7. my flight to penang was delayed by 2 hours but i guess it was my fault too coz i didnt call them up earlier to confirm. on the other hand i feel the express boarding concept is rediculous. i dont fly often and the last time i flew on air asia there were still allowing senior citizens and kids to go first fee of charge but now just because you are old or you have kids you have to pay???!!!! Its just too rediculous. Its like a punishment for being old and having kids. I hope more people would complaint about this rediculous policy.


  8. starlit: agree with you wholeheartedly on the priority boarding. For a few miserable ringgit Air Asia is throwing away their goodwill and going all out to be seen as an airline that does not care for the old and women with kids.

    But it is the priority boarding concept that intrigues me. what sort of a budget airline customer would spring extra money for priority boarding? You get there the same time as others and if you want to pay that much you might as well go commercial. So why oh why do people pay for priority boarding…unless their kiasu. Like people who soup up their Mazdas or Toyotas bevcause they cannot afford Porsches.


  9. How the h… does one get in touch wit Air Asia to cancel ones tickets. I booked Bangkok>Krabi>Bangkok for Dec 2007, but things have changed… . I can´t see any way of cancelling on their website, not to mention finding an email address!


  10. Gee,

    Welcome to Air Asia. You can check out any time you like but your money will never leave (us).

    You can use the “Check n Change” feature on the website to change your flights but you cannot get a refund for unused tickets. And, it often costs more to change your flight(s) than to just throw the original ticket away and buy a new one.

    I foolishly tried to get a refund on my Malaysian airport tax on an unused ticket. After queuing for 40 minutes at their “Service Counter” at LCCT KL I was told to call their Call Centre. I did and was told that the tax would be refunded to my credit card account “in 1 – 2 months”. It’s been 4 months since…


  11. I bought 3 persons tickets from k.k. to Tawau, sabah on 22nd dec 07. and from tawau to johor, west malaysia on 28th dec 07. but two of us instead of three of us just can’t make it. can we change it without any charger?


  12. I say, come on guys, a few hiccups doen not a horrible airline make. Delays are usually due to aircraft maintainence ( i don’t think i spelled that correctly ). I was once delayed for 4 hours and I got the reasonable explanation that the aircraft was being serviced. No worries. Better a few hours than a danger to me. I have always enjoyed my travels with AirAsia, all shortcomings taken into account. You can’t expect to pay rock bottom prices and get a 5 star service. A little give and take is expected. And AirAsia keeps it’s prices down by charging for everything else….as ALL budget airlines do, and also by it’s no return policy. So, take it easy and relax, we have a world class budget airline, enjoy it !!!!


  13. Still no refund on my airport tax for a couple of unused tickets. Air Asia has a clever system – no paper trail. They do not entertain refunds at their so-called “Service Counter”.

    You have to call the Call Centre. They don’t give you a reference number, so every time you call it is like starting again from the beginning.

    The standard answer is “we’ll credit your card in 1 – 2 months”. I asked for my first refund in September 2007. The second in November 2007 – still no news and no sign of the refund after a number of calls.

    Pretty soon you tire of this game and Air Asia pockets the money. Sweet!


  14. I travel with Airasia frequently..

    KL Sarawak
    KL Sabah(KK)
    JB Penang (regularly)
    Singapore Phuket

    so far no problem at all. No delay at all.


  15. welcome to the club!!!!!! hahahah… they suck big time. and the staff have almost 0 manners. they need to learn how to service people or at least respect their customers. I went thru the ‘pain’ twice… when they first started, it was fantastic. now, they are being too greedy.


  16. From what I’ve seen on their website the tickets are all non-refundable.

    My only complaint on their fairly well laid out website is the inability to book multiple destinations. As I would like to go from the Philippines to Bangkok. Seems I have to book two separate flights, instead of one with a layover.


  17. I’ve read the above comments coz i was looking for someone with the same experience. With me, its about the luggage being delayed for 2 DAYS. They eventually sent it to my destination, but it caused a lot of inconvenience as I was with my children, we were having their summer holidays in Jakarta. And now back in Medan, as I was watching the news; it happened again on another flight. I really believe that there is something very bad going on with their cargo,purposely leaving out passengers’ luggage and for whatever reason is so unethical,unacceptable.


  18. 26.JULY.08 : Hey peeps!!! Im here to blog about my disappointment with Air Asia. 3 months ago(April 08), AA started the BALI-KUCHING route and my friends and I grabbed it a mth later as the fare was increasing by the week and at a very reasonable rate for traveling in (sept 08). A month later, we booked our hotel and tour packages via online and fully secured our bookings as per requirements. All went well and we were counting down the days, until recently, about a week ago, rumours online had it that AA’s last flight for KCH-BALI is on Aug 23rd, all passengers traveling after that will have a full refund.
    Immediately, I called the AA customer service (I was put on hold for 20 minutes) to confirm about it and the not so friendly staff said that it is true. I asked why hasn’t anyone informed us, and she said that they have many passengers to call, just wait. Up to today, not even an email, sms or a phone call from AA.

    I’m fine with the 100% refund, but what about my hotel and tour bookings that I’ve paid for?( not via AA website) Ive checked with the hotel and they can’t give us a 100% refund due to company policy.
    I know the hotel n tour bookings has nothing to do with AA, but come on, pls find a solution by re-routing us probably via KUL with no additional charges as im not prepared to pay a cent more. This is not my fault but im certainly sure AA cancelled the route to BALI bcoz of poor response.

    We could only book our hotel n tour after securing our flight bookings. Of coz no one would book their hotel n tour 1st before getting their air tickets right? Everythg these days are like “book early and get a cheaper price’. And that was what we did.

    How can we have confidence in AA now when they have their promo on cheap airfares , like buy NOW and travel period only valid in 6mths time, eg. in 2009. crazy!!! Yes, the airfare will be cheap but of coz ppl would make advance ground bookings too. N travel agents cant give full refund too as it is beyond their control and they have credit card surcharges and currency exchange rates to be take in consideration too.

    I will be waiting for AA to contact me personally abt this and make it official, and if AA doesn’t want to fly us to BALI via KUL, I will publish my complain in the The Star etc and consumer rights. I am NOT joking and im taking this seriously, not only for myself but for the rest of the passengers. And the other option that I’ll give them is to give us our full refund for our hotel n tour.
    I am also prepared to take this matter to higher level if they ignore us. We did send an email to AA customer service regarding this matter and was only fooled to be replied by a computer generated email which said that,‘due to the overwhelming response we r unable to reply to u now’, HUH! Probably overwhelming complains!

    Im posting this letter just to inform everyone abt this matter and be extra careful when u purchase ur AA ticket way in advance coz u never know what will happen , incase uve made ur accommodations bookings like me.


    1. hey stupid what does low cost carrier means>>>>>> cheap you dump ass….
      how come you dont no what is cheap whn ur a chinese


  19. you guys should hold your ground and never fly aa again. should just fly with the other airlines that operate in this country. after all.. they are so reasonably priced expecially flights to London. so, when aa starts flying to london, don’t even sneak a peek at their website ok! are kidding?? you talk the talk but u will fly aa ..why cause WE ARE ALL PRICE SENSITIVE MALAYSIANS!


  20. you guys should hold your ground and never fly aa again. should just fly with the other airlines that operate in this country. after all.. they are so reasonably priced expecially flights to London. so, when aa starts flying to london, don’t even sneak a peek at their website OK REALLY…who you are KIDDING?? you talk the talk but u will fly aa ..why ??cause WE ARE ALL PRICE SENSITIVE MALAYSIANS!
    give them a break la.


  21. My fifteen year old son flew into Jakarta last Thursday on Air Asia. He arrived promptly at 8:00 pm but his luggage did not. He duly reported it and we left for his hotel.
    Twenty-four hours later Air Asia called to say his luggage had arrived but we had to go to the airport to collect it. They would not send it to the hotel – reason, according to AA: he had check-in number 156, so he had checked in late. I told the officer that there were 198 seats on an Airbus 320, so 156 could hardly have been “late” since the flight was full.
    Secondly, he had lined up at the “Jakarta” counter but the check-in process was extremely slow. After about 20 minutes of waiting he was told to use the “Medan” counter, therefore, I suggested that Air Asia had made the mistake of sending his baggage to Medan instead of Jakarta. I insisted that they send the luggage to the hotel.
    Thirty minutes and two phone calls later Air Asia did what any decent airline would do automatically – they sent the luggage.
    “You pay peanuts, we’ll treat you like monkeys”….


  22. ALL the people who wrote about aa for god sake if you complain about aa why do you still fly on it and im sorry but would you rather die instead of saftey precautions to be taken in jesus youre all so stupid and quick like any bloody malaysian to just assume the worst rather than be gratful we can enjoy flying on a low-cost airline
    just shut up and get on with your lives and embrace anything that is malaysian !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. I’ve booked AA return Brisbane for my family of five. Even before I could get on the plane, I’m already regretting my decision. Their telephone lines are for show only, there is nobody on the other side. They forget you after you paid. I wonder if I can get on the plane without any hitch. And we are not paying peanuts for your info. With all the optionals we are actually paying a bomb.


  24. Ha… Air Asia, well, you get what you paid.
    This airline get you from point A to Point B, arrive destination safely in one piece, with a fraction of price. I seldom make complaint while dining at jalan alor, do you ?


  25. I totally agreed with you guys….
    I just wrote to Tony. I hope he read and reply my email.

    This is what I wrote to him:

    Dear Tony Fernandes,

    I am not sure if this is the right email of you. I got it from your blog. I hope you will read your email personally, but not your secretary or by your email auto reply.

    To cut the long story short, the purpose of me to write this email to you is because I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED with your Air Asia service.

    Your advertisement and publicity about your ‘ON TIME GUARANTEE’ is just full of empty promises.

    And I can never get through of your company phone! I have been trying to call your ‘call center’ and ‘guest support’ hotline published in your website. I can never get hold of anyone for the past 1 week!
    I have written to your guestsupport (as per the below attached email) and never reply. I also fill in the online on-time guarantee claim form. But there is no respond too.

    I went personally to your sales office in Penang Airport. The sale person said he can’t do much but just asking me to wait and wait and wait.

    Come on, Mr. Tony, I hope you can improve your customer service and hire a real person to pick all the phone calls, don’t just install the telephony machine as if there are thousands of calls going through daily and I can’t even manage to talk to anyone of your staff after a long period (more than 30min) of waiting time till I give up! I have been calling for the pass 1 week.

    Where goes to your promise stated in your website that you will reimburse back RM200 within 48 hours????

    Do you know that my flight has been retimed from initial 19:20 hours to 21:00 hours then the very day retimed (delay) until 23:30 hours! I hope Air Asia is not as bad as Firefly, but I prove myself wrong. This experience has really put me off!

    Pls, Mr. Tony, do something to improve your customer service and keep your promise! I am still waiting for my on time guarantee claim. I hope I can hear from your soon.



  26. i’ve call airasia call centre using 0387754000 for call within malaysia today. the answering voice machine just keep telling me to wait until there are available customer service officer. i’ve waiting until more then 10 minutes and suddenly no more connection. it is because my phone prepaid credit have been deduct from $28.19 to only 26 cent left. they stole my $27.93 just using their phone line. to make it worst, i’ve not yet talk to their customer service and they already charged $27.93. wtf . so anybody who wish to call their call center…. just forget it.. it is better to buy a lot of food for your stomach than be cheated like me


  27. Why dont you guys start to work with an Airline (preferable with AirAsai) for few month, try to get to know how its feels to be in their shoes (what i mean is the Ground staff & the management as well). Come on people, If you dont like AirAsia, dont fly with them .. try Malaysia Airlines.. bet u guy are rich enuf to pay for MAS tickets. And i bet u guys know how to read Term & Conditions before you purchase the ticket. Dont “boink” your own head dude.


  28. Dear Sir,
    I bought 6 tickets via e-mail in Sept 2008 to fly from Kuantan to KL on 28th April 2009. Booking Number is OUBKAC Now I found out that airasia is no more flying this sector. Please tell me what my next course of action is? Airasia has not inform me anything yet.
    Please reply as soon as possble.

    Lee Choon Chye


  29. Hello, everyone! I was so angry and have no place to shout my angryness !!!

    I have an urgent business meeting thus I would like to change my flight ealier back to KL.

    I was trying to change my flight schedule through their oficial website ( Due to the sloe internet connection in town (it’s not a big city), some connection error occurred thus I submit and rerfill the information few times. Anyhow, after certain try, the record LOCKED !!! I call the service centre to ask for solutions BUT there are no ppl picking up the phone, I was holding the line for 20 minutest for each calls. After perhaps 1 hour, finally someone picking up the phone, I ask for solutions, they come back with the ans :”Sorry madam, once the record LOCKED, its LOCKED, you’re NOT able to change anything online ANYMORE, you have to change at the airport counter/sales office/via phone, BUT we’ll charge the prices HIGHER!!!

    OMG, I was like…shocked and nothing to say coz I explained to him that today is SATURDAY, the nearest sales office are closed and the airport are REALLY far far away. Can he just help me unlocked so I can settle all this at home (at very efficient, reasonable and convenience way). He replied that :” sorry madam, We’re unable to UNLOCKED it, either you pay higher price to change the schedule or stick with the purchased date.”

    I am so angry so I send lots of complaint letter to air asia online, HOWEVER, there’re NO response at all. Obviously, they didn’t treat the passangers well. Air Asia with Good Service, NO WAY !!!


    1. yeah many can fly but you have to pray hard to make it on your scheduled flight as Air Asia Airlines used to cancel and move flights last minute…so be careful! Id rather choose Tiger or Jet Star.


  30. Airasia NOT only suck, they are theifs as well, I booked a flight to Bangkok 27/11/2008. Due to the Anti Goverment Protesters (they suck as well)all fights where cancled! I went to airasia filled out a refund form and was told it would take 1 month? ………… WELL its now 3 months later and still I am being told to wait? WHAT a JOKE!!! PLEASE do yourself a favour and NEVER use this half arsed company!!!! may they root in HELL



    I have been traveling to and from Malaysia for over thirty years and now reside here with my wife and child. I have businesses in the UK and Malaysia and still clock over 200,000 air miles a year. I have traveled Air Asia on several occasions over the past few years and received the service expected from a budget airline.

    Unfortunately my trip to Laos on the 19th of February 2009 with Air Asia turned out to be one of the most disastrous and humiliating experiences of my life. Being disabled I made sure that I informed the ticket center at least 48 hours prior to my departure that as I am unable to climb stairs that I would require the service of their “Ambulift”. The gentleman at your call center confirmed that a note had been put on my reservation and told me that I should report to the two desks that would handle my request and a wheel chair. When I arrived at the airport with my wife and son, we checked in and went to a desk which was right at the end of the check-in desks and was, I believe numbered sixty something. The Malay guy at the desk confirmed my request for the “Ambulift” and then told me to go to desk 41 for a wheel chair, which I did, also telling them that I had requested the “Ambulift”.

    After going through passport control I was pushed to the gate only then to be told that the Ambulift was not available. This was some 5 minutes before boarding and at no time prior to this was I informed that it was not available. To add insult to injury I was then questioned as to whether I had even requested it.

    To get me on board the aircraft 3 of the ground staff carried me and the wheel chair up the stairs which was not pleasant for me and most strenuous for them but I was on board an we flew to Vientiane only to find that I had an even worse problem there.

    After several attempts it was decided that I was too heavy to carry down the steps in the wheel chair and one of the ground staff then grabbed me and attempted to carry me on his back which resulted in me on the floor of the aircraft after he dropped me. I suffered severe chest pain and it was only when the air crew came to my rescue that I was able to stand back up again and get my breath. To cut a very long story short, there was no way that the staff were able to get me down the stairs and I ended up crawling down to the runway on my hands and knees. To add insult to injury several people boarding another aircraft stopped to film my decent on there video camera’s. With apologies from the aircrew who seemed to be most embarrassed, I was wheeled in to the terminal with my suit covered in dirt and dust and my hand filthy.

    I can honestly say that I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.

    Air Asia had over 48 hours to advise me that A. The Ambulift at K.L. was not available and B. That there were no facilities in Vientiane for disabled passengers.

    I sent a complaint to Air Asia on the 4th of March 2009 and every week since but have yet to receive a reply.


  32. I posted a blog just over a week ago with regards the treatment, as a disabled passenger, I received from Air Asia following a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Laos with my family. Being someone that believes that others should be warned if an airline can not, or does not provide the services that it offers, I related my long tale of woe and castigate Air Asia for its failings. I am now however pleased to report that I am, to say the least, most impressed with the response that I have received from Air Asia following my complaint. I did not receive a long list of excuses, my problems were not blamed on computer error or even worse something that I did wrong. Air Asia did what most big companies never seem to do and simply said that they were sorry and that they had got it wrong. Not only did I receive a written apology, several telephone calls from their call centre but I was also telephoned by the Guest Services and Operations Manager Eddie Tan with a full explanation of what went wrong and most important, what Air Asia were doing to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again. OK anyone can write a letter and anyone can pick up a telephone to shut a complaining customer up, if your lucky but I actually received a heart felt apology from Mr Tan that was genuine. It would appear that ground crew, check in staff and even cabin crew were interviewed regarding the incident in an attempt to pinpoint the areas of failure. Like a lot of things a few miner errors, someone entering a wrong code here, an unread fax there, were compounded into one major cock-up of which, unfortunately, I was the recipient. It’s nice to know that young as Air Asia is and as large as Air Asia is becoming, it is not taking the stance of a lot of airlines and that consider disabled people as a necessary evil that can be treated like morons and that Air Asia has the guts to say, we were wrong, we’re sorry and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again. Apology accepted Air Asia.


    1. You are naive for accepting their apology. I do not believe their sincerity.If they were really sorry they should have offered you a free return ticket.


  33. hmmm makes interesting reading
    i WONT be flying with them
    (why if they wil ONLY cancel the flight?) how can you plan a travel with this insecurity


  34. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


  35. I also really agree with everything that has been written and most of Air Asia’s ex-customer. Air Asia are the most unprofessional and poorest customer service airline that I have known. Stay away, they are a rip off.

    Here is the story that i have wrote to Air Asia and i would love to share it to everybody in oder for the other people to aware about this company.

    “………..This is the first time that we try to use Airasia and we are trying to book the trip from BKK to Phuket ,the Booking Number is FLJ1AW. The story started from we booked the ticket online and after that we tried to print the itinerary. We found out that the time was wrong so we decided to call to the call center to ask for their help or suggestion but the only ans. that we received was they could not help it and they also could not give any suggestion for the other solution. And when we ask for the phone no. of the person who can make the decition they just said there is no such a thing the call center is only the phone no. They don’t even show any respect to the customer at all.
    In order to do the business we do understand that everything are according to the rule and regulation but they should have some exception sometimes depends on their purpose. When people just accidently put some information wrong he/she should be able to fix it or change it ( They just try to fix it like not later than 10 mins after the transaction. If people who try to cheat the company or scam the company he/she may wait until the other day or anytime that they want to change this or they may change it to the other day. I just want to let the person who are incharge with taking care of the customer and who are taking care of the service please take a look at your reservation process including rule and regulation is that really appropriate and is that the company really try to fulfill the customers’ satisfaction. This is the only my concern and the company should ask themself……”


  36. After about 15 flights with Air Asia in the past 3 years, I have to say I like that airline very much.
    I mostly go BKK/Singapore & BKK/KL & BKK/HKG, and I never arrived late. (Yes, sometimes departure was a bit late, but always arrived on time). If there was a delay, it was a minor delay like 10-20 which never caused me enough trouble to remember it.

    The service is ok – it’s a no-frills airline, but mostly I found their staff to be more friendly than many other airlines. (If you compare it to the service level of any large US-airline, you feel like a five-star-hotel guest at AA. I don’t know about JetBlue, but the other ones pretty much only treat you as a nuisance). Same is true for several European airlines.

    To all the complaints that are being made about not being able to reschedule if you made a booking error, or arriving too late and how things should be… well, I don’t know many airlines who would be nicer. If you arrive too late, it really doesn’t matter whether it was because you are stuck in traffic or held up by police or whatever – you arrived late. If you make a mistake when booking, and it says in the terms and conditions that you can’t change flights, then there’s no point in arguing about that.

    Instead of complaining, complaining, complaining, just try to find a better airline. Yes, venting feels good, but I for one like AA & think some ppl here have rather unrealistic expectations…

    Only complaint I can agree with – charging extra for priority booking for elderly ppl or people with kids is a lousy idea and leaves a bad aftertaste.


  37. As a Malaysian, we want AirAsia to improve. So, if we didn’t complain, how can they improve? Because of the people like Kay, Madonna, Steph, Rich, Go-airasia, and Bangkok News, AirAsia still a 3 stars rating airline by Skytrax.

    If we complain, what we complain is for AirAsia’s own good. You kow?

    If we don’t complain, will AirAsia improve? If AirAsia didn’t improve, will they be given the award of Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax?

    AirAsia has given the award of Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax. They should thank us for making complaints. Because, if we didn’t complain, they won’t improve. Then, the Best Low Cost Airline award will be given to the other airline instead of AirAsia. So, AirAsia should thank us for complaining.

    We should continue to complain any bad experiences, make AirAsia continue to improve. One day, AirAsia may become the world’s first low cost airline to get 5 stars ranking status.


  38. Air Asia Airlines really sucks!

    Too many flights were cancelled and moved…Passengers were not compensated and on top of it all…the customer service is poor…

    No wonder it is called “Low Cost Airline” because the standard is really low in its level!

    Yeah right many can fly but I guess you have to pray hard to make it on your scheduled flight…that’s the catch guys!

    Holiday??? Not for this airline because most of the times they cancelled and moved flights during holiday. Oh yes, its cheaper! Because you wont spend so much on your holiday as you flights are cancelled and moved, so tendency, you will likely wont travel at all!

    Please choose an airline wisely and dont end up as victim like me.


  39. Interesting comments overall.

    I flew Air Asia about six times in a month in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand, all booked online at the last minute, and never once had a negative experience. Some delays, maybe 20 minutes tops, but beautiful service on brand-new airlines, and certainly better than a lot of other regional carriers.


  40. In my opinion, Air Asia is far way better than the american airlines that I used to. I wonder if people who complaint in here have any idea on how the western airlines service standard is. I even wonder if those people who complaint in here have been out of asia in their entire life. Maybe not.

    I have been flying with Air Asia since I was still a college student in KL and AA has saved me a lot of money. Being a student and coming from a low income family from Borneo, I cant tell how much grateful I am to Air Asia. Air Asia was the reason I could go home every year to celebrate Christmas and my mom’s and dad’s birthdays with less than half of the price offered by MAS. Even up to this day, after done studying in the USA and now working in KL, Im still using air asia to go back to my hometown.

    I pre-purchased air asia foods online. I changed my ticket several days earlier and had to pay the price difference. I was not happy but realized of the term and condition. Futhermore who is going to pay for the potential customer that they lost after i booked the first ticket on that particular day. But one thing strucked me. When i requested for my pre-purchased online meal, I genuinely didnt know that I have to inform them of the meal together with the flight changed that i made. The flight stewardess decided to just give me the meal without charge:)

    All in one, Im very thankful to AA. Yea… Ive encountered delay when flying with AA. But the worse parts to me is the way we ASIAN deal with each other. Ive seen a middle age man shouting to the ground crews because of waiting too long for the luggages to be transported to the carousel. In the USA, you would have been sued for harrasing people like that.


  41. I never travel with airasia,but what I am quite sure is that flying with garuda then you will be served with a delicious meal than any other plane though. 🙂


  42. I could hang Dato’ Tony!

    I’ve been through many terrible delay phone call from the airline, but the one that came in on a beautiful summer day within Bali had crossed the line for me. A few hours before an 11pm departure a call came in from the AirAsia crew @ WADD(Denpasar) . They informed me that my return flight that night had been delayed, being pushed into the dark skies of 2am!!

    If you want an airline that offers midnight flights and improper flight scheduling, then go ahead with Ryanair, this airline is no better. If you’re looking for an airline with proper scheduling within the holidays…RUN. You’re better off paying IDR 1,200.000 for Garuda’s daily Bali flights.


  43. i took MAS and AirAsia, just a few months in between. MAS sucks big time. They did not bother AT ALL: the flight attendants were rude. Maybe because i’m ‘merely’ a Malaysian, they did not give a sh*t.

    i absolutely hate them.

    and all my experiences with AA were good(more than 6 flights so far)


  44. Well no airline could give 100% OTG, If at all there is a retime/canxl then its all cos of operational reasons out of human control… “Air Asia is one of the Airline which has made a dream come true for a Common man..”


  45. This is funny. All those comments that I had read so far indicated that most think that it is a problem with Air Asia. Come on, wake up, global mates. THIS IS THE PROBLEM OF THIS COUNTRY THEY CALL MALAYSIA. In Malaysia, what is happening in Air Asia is just a replica of what is happening elsewhere in Malaysia. This is how these homosapiens here work and this attitude is the only allowable survival attitude. IF YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT THINGS ARE DIFFERENT IN MALAYSIA AIRLINES, then I really feel sorry for you. Or for that matter, if you seriously think that things are different elsewhere in Malaysia, then sorry, you will regret more when you have more dealings with whatever is in Malaysia. This country teaches you how to be a crook to survive, top level down. So what do you expect ? When you have any dealings in Malaysia, be it in airlines, banking, multilevel marketing, property buying, dealings with government departments, securing jobs with organisations, telecommunications, supermarket shoppings, hypermarket shoppings, petrol stations, anything, just name them, the attitude is the same. YOU WILL BE CONNED ! If you are not prepared to be conned and try recuperating any losses you incurred by conning others, you will be frustrated to your graveyard in this country. THIS IS A COUNTRY OF THE JUNGLES, MAN ! I always pose this question to my foreign friends – If you are in your country and you have been assaulted, or if you have been cheated or if you have been bullied and threatened by others, what do you do ? You go to the POLICE. Do that in Malaysia, and you would be a dead duck or a laughing stock. You would be mad to believe that the police will protect you. So what do you expect in a country like this ? The fact is this : 95 percent are in the dishonest category and 5 percent in the honest category. Just this – and if you know this, you would have learnt a lot already !


  46. I share another experience………….

    I book flight ticket from Penang to Macau years ago, and today just get to know through a friend that “AirAsia suspense Penang-Macau flight “. As I saw on the AA website that my BOOKING CONFIRMED until today, i didn’t see the AIRASIA small notice at bottom! !

    31th March have to fly but nobody from AA told us. No phone, no e-mail until today! ! use PREMIER LINE to phone AA and get charge RM150-160, get a stupid answer!! ask me refer website, link, notice, we can’t do anything!!! Do you still believe AA? ? Disappointed! !!

    Solution given by AA is not going to solution our problems but AA problems. They just refund and we need to wait for up to 60days and my friends get the refund after 120days. Another solution is reschedule and need to top up RM600 per person which is about RM3000 for 5 person of us. Do u think this is fair for us???

    Kindly advice by everyone….

    Let change the airasia slogan…… NOW EVERYONE CAN LIES


    1. Hi Htsow, I am having the same problem with u. Just called to their premium line but end up nothing I get….

      They are the one who cancel the flight, and why we need to pay extra to re-route? I have booked my hotel and the amount is even bigger than the flight amount that they refund. Are they going to refund the hotel fees to me also?

      I have not received any email/call/sms regarding this cancellation. No reasons gives for this flight cancellation!!


  47. just had my 3rd trip on airasia….australia malaysia thailand. ALL fantastic flights on time and easy…. always been good for me.

    and including all taxes and seats luggest $300.00aus return..bargain



    arting August 9

    come August 12

    2 days late !!!!!

    In addition, when I arrived at LCC Terminal in Kuala Lumpur on August 12, 2011, I found that I didn’t have the name in the connecting flight.
    And when I ask for the director of Air Asia,THE staff named … told me that there is no director and call the police to seeing me. In kuala lumpur for my connection. After 2 days late


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