Did Unspun say that Air Asia Sucks? Well, I take it back: Air Asia does not merely suck, it sucks big time.

I travel to Bali regularly and I use Air Asia not because, once you add in the taxes, it ischeaper than other airlines but because Garuda and other Indonesian airlines can’t get their electronic booking system in order.

Garuda’s website is moronic: once you log in you can only specify departure date (what if it is a return trip?) and once you key in the departure date you have an option of whether to find flight availability or fare information. Click on one and that’s the end of the road for you, you have to go back to the first page to start all over again. In this age when there are so many good electronic transaction websites around, it boggles the imagination how Indonesia’s national carrier cannot get something as simple as their website in order.

Air Asia, however, has a great website for booking and if you’re logged in as a member, it is very easy to buy yourself a ticket. But your problems only begin after you purchase this ticket, especially overt the past two months in in the Jakarta-Bali leg.

What has been happening is that Air Asia has been constantly canceling flights and putting their passengers on other flights. No real reason is given for these moves although they inform you of the rescheduling sometimes two days before the flight is due. That should rule out delays as there is no way they can know two days ahead that the flight is going to be delayed. That leaves two possibilities. First is that Air Asia is not filling the seats in certain fights so they are canceling any flight that is not full enough to make a buck and moving passengers to other flights to fill them up. More of the angkot mentality here.

The second possibility is the one given to me when I complained about th constant rescheduling of flights. Apparently one or two of their planes are in bad shape and need servicing and repairs. hence the change in flight times.

Whatever the reason Air Asia should make it a point to inform its customers of the reasons behind the reschedules. Not to do so is showing contempt, the same type that angkot drivers show to everyone else on the road.

I is for this reason that I have resolved to be more methodical in life. Garuda actually offers flights almost at the same price as Air Asia if you book far in advance enough. I guess I’ll have to get my act together and plan ahead to fly Garuda for the same price, instead of relying on Air Asia. Now Everyone can Fry while waiting for the rescheduled flights.