Indonesia to get its first sex education avatar

Unspun once spent a rather, er, interesting evening with Dr Love, Singapore’s self-styled sex guru, in Menteng and blogged about it here.

Dr Love is now back and is now assisting in the birth of Indonesia’s first sex education avatar, Nova. She is part of Dr Love’s sex education sms service, which he bills as Indonesia’s first sex education campaign, that will be launched in Indonesia on July 17. The campaign is carried out jointly with Fiesta condoms.

nova.jpgNova, says Dr Love‘s website, “is Indonesia’s first sex education avatar with artificial intelligence which will assimilate sex questions and issues contributed by Indonesians as part of Indonesia’s first wireless sex education initiative.” Question: Does this mean that if many Indonesians contribute we’ll have a Super Nova? (sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun).

So there you have it. Cyber sex (education) in Indonesia is one step closer to you and you can now pose all the questions you’ve always wanted answers to but was too afraid to ask via the privacy of your sms service.

(Disclosure: Dr Love must have liked Unspun‘s previous posting of him as he subsequently appointed Unspun‘s alter ego’s firm to help him with the press conference on July 17 to launch the sex education initiative).

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