Advertorial boomerang

Earlier Unspun remarked about the questionable worth of advertorials.

Today there is a blog posting which makes one question not only the worth of advertorials but the downside of them, especially when you cannot do them well.

Get a chuckle as Jakarta-based Jakartass takes issue with Master Card’s advertorial. So, are advertorials worth it afterall? Who do they really influence? And are they worth the ridicule you could possibly receive when its done badly, as is inevitable gien the talent pool here?

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In today’s Jakarta Post there’s a fullpage ad which I’ve just realised is a regular weekly waste of space. Today was the first time I’d bothered with it, but then I always need something to read for my morning ritual. It’s supposedly a ‘Hotels Supplement’ but is actually an advertorial for MasterCard ~ and a lavatorial for me.
With MC you gain exclusive access to a world of opportunities and wonder. Now you can start packing for that non-stop shopping spree in Hong Kong.

But there’s more. Empy Effendy has written a column which simply beggars belief with its utter vacuity.
Sometimes when travelling, a friend might ask, “Why should we stay at a luxury hotel and spend hundreds of dollars when we can still get a good night’s sleep at a budget hotel?”

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2 thoughts on “Advertorial boomerang

  1. Playing it safe (career marketing people out there) and hopefully getting the readers or their targets to read what the brand has to offer. This has always been the case and will fall into the other half of the ad budget being wash down the drain.
    As it is, the world is over-communicated and to place an advertorial won’t help the brand that ‘much’. Unfortunately, most clients think in just 1 direction, tell the targets what is being offered and they forgot that consumer has a choice.


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