Unspun has written before about how Air Asia’s service sucks and how it really sucks on a bad day. This is a posting about how they try to suck your money.

They have recently redesigned their website so that it is now by default that you subscribe to Go Insure, Air Asia’s insurance cover for you against their delays and other accidents. The logic is that you insure yourself against their incompetencies for the privilege of flying with them.

Before you have to click a box to say you want to subscribe. But now it is inserted into your agenda on the left hand side of the website (see photo). You now have to click no thanks, get a message and then click “cancel” to cancel your automatic subscription to Go Insure.

Although the website does explain how you can unsubscribe to Go Insure, it strikes Unspun as a bit sneaky. All research on persuasion suggests that people will tend to opt for “defaults” Air Asia now makes sure that you have to work extra hard if you do not want to subscribe to the insurance cover they are trying to sell you.

air-asia.jpgA  pity, because Air Asia garnered a lot of goodwill as the brand that brought cheap no-frills flight to Asia. It now looks like they’re trashing their brand equity with bad service, rescheduling of probably empty flights and stupid services like express boarding.

You could almost imagine some marketing consultant named Baldrick cozying up to Black Adder Tony Fernandez with: “I have a cunning plan…”