8 thoughts on “How many?

  1. Americans have a favourite saying – the country still goes on even if you have a monkey as a president. Now gringos have a big monkey.


  2. Donald Rumsfeld? Donald Rumsfeld?

    The guy that failed in the Pentagon? The guy that screwed up at the World Bank? Is he the guy who’s still briefing the president of the US of A.?

    No wonder this administration turns out to be a disaster to humanity.


  3. Stupid me.

    The only excuse I can offer is that a guy like Rumsfeld is a nightmare. And in nightmares you do get everything mixed up. In this case I mixed up ex World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz with his former boss at the Pentagon. It goes without saying that mr W. is a nightmare too.


  4. I sometimes wonder if the US is a showpiece of democracy at its best or at its worst when a dimwit with a limited vocab can be its President! 🙂 But this is just a joke after all.

    Jokes aside, it still does not excuse a President for all the gaffes he has made. It’s America’s choice and her loss!


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