The safest seats on an airplane

If, like Unspun, you’re a high risk taker and fly in Indonesia it pays to know which seats are safest.The myth, of course is that all seats are equally safe, but Popular Mechanics says otherwise.

Happy weekend and happy traveling 🙂

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MYTH: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Sit

“It’s like a lottery to pick your seat.”-Nora Marshall, passenger survival expert, National Transportation Safety Board
“One seat is as safe as the other.”-Boeing Web site
“It’s an age-old question. There’s just no way to say.”-Federal Aviation Administration spokesman
“There is no safest seat.”

REALITY: It’s Safer In the Back.

The funny thing about all those expert opinions: They’re not really based on hard data about actual airline accidents. A look at real-world crash stats, however, suggests that the farther back you sit, the better your odds of survival. Passengers near the tail of a plane are about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front.

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One thought on “The safest seats on an airplane

  1. Unspun, you should watch Nat Geo ‘Airplane Crash Investigation’ or ‘Seconds from Disaster’. I doubt there is any safe seats when disaster is about to strike, but I suppose the only consolation is that it will be fast with no time to even say ‘ouch’.
    All airlines should practice stringent quality control on maintenance as prescribe in the manufacturer’s service manual and mind you, the pessengers are at the mercy of these codes.
    Perhaps, bloggers should apply public pressure on their accountabilities and transpanrency on these airlines.
    “Keep your fingers crossed and pray hard” whenever you board, “I always do that”


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