Malaysians take to “goblok”

Another thing for Indonesians to be proud of when compared to their Serumpun neighbors Seberang.The word “Goblok” is now adopted by even the MalaysianiInformation Minister, no dobut through much exposure of the word directed toward him.

Another subtext to this all is the paucity of the ersatz language they call Bahasa Malaysia. Why can’t the minister just “bodoh?”. Maybe its more hip to use Bahasa Indonesia. Ngarap deh dia.

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Oh My, Excuse Me!!!

Oh my, oh my…this made my Monday morning! What a laugh! The goblok calling others names!!
(BTW do read my Musings this Wednesday…)
Zam: Ignore ‘goblok’ bloggers

MALACCA: The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers, who are willing to be tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin. (But Zam, surely if we’re stupid, we can’t destroy the nation? See my previous post.)

These writers do not have an Asian mentality but lean towards a Western thinking because they were educated overseas. ( er…wasn’t KJ educated completely overseas??? Oh but he’s redeemed himself by waving kerises around…)

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10 thoughts on “Malaysians take to “goblok”

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  1. Hello Pak!

    Have you gone on to malaysianunplugged.blogspot yet? Apparently KJ’s list of the “enemies” is out, and you’re on it. Can’t believe this… Even my friend Capt. Yusof, whom I personally introduced to the blog fraternity is on the list… My goodness, what’s gotten hold of these people? MT sufferred DDOS attack and so did Jeff Ooi’s site moments ago…


  2. bapak ong,

    goblok = bengap, bingai, tolol, bahalol, mengong, bodoh, bangang, bodoh-bangang, stupid, zam.

    check out my latest posting kalau tak percaya. ada jugak komenter yang bertanya apa perasaan blogger indonesia tentang isu goblok ini.


  3. @rocky’s bru

    it seems to be a direct implication of too many indonesian soap opera (sinetron) :p

    due to the censorship, the most tolerable vulgar insult would be goblok, tolol, bego…

    in most cases, more vulgar insult such as kontol, ngentot, and all form of zoo inhabitant, will be censored…


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