Kalla: stop using foreign consultants

kalla.jpgKompas today reported that Vice President Yusuf Kalla has once again reiterated that to achieve independence as a race all ministries and officials should no longer use foreign consultants or employees.

“If we keep on asking for help from foreigners and other countries, we might as well dissolve the Ministry of Research and Technology. It’s a shame to have professors and doctorates if we depend all on and only entertain foreigners,” he was quoted as saying.

He must think that there are a few Brazilian foreign workers here.

3 thoughts on “Kalla: stop using foreign consultants

  1. So how many foreign workers are there in Indonesia? Unlike Malaysia and Singapore, I believe most of the foreign workers must be of managerial level.

    Wouldn’t it be more prudent to assess the situation than to give a general statement? What about foreign companies? Will they be exempted? They may want their own representation to protect their investments.


  2. “They may want their own representation to protect their investments.”

    Actually Bayi, they don’t as an expat costs a “brazillion” dollars and directly effects the bottom line. Unfortunately, there is an extermely limited pool of qaulified Indonesians to choose from due to an ongoing neglect of education and management training to international standards. I hate to say it but once again look at the Sinagporean example.

    Of course, its just another Kallaism there not to be taken with anything but a healthy laugh.


  3. I agree with Oigal. Succession in almost all fields is rather difficult because our education system is … well… sucks…

    It’s a valid thing for Kalla to come with such statement, but his audiences, people of Indonesia that is, are the largest skeptics in the world. What can you do? Years of neglect, oppression, and corruption made statements like Kalla’s statement appears more to be a wishful thinking rather than something, which can be accomplished.

    Oh by the way… all I could do was a cynical grin upon reading Kalla’s statement… 😀


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